Monday, March 24, 2014

The Heaviest Sleep

Saturday and Sunday share a strange friendship. Sunday is the reason why Saturdays are celebrated and chilled out, but nobody likes to live through the Sunday. The feeling of going back to work the next day, or the next five days, sucks out the weekend fun. But this post if not about Sundays.
I woke up today at 8 in the morning and got out of bed by 9:30. Made coffee, watched cricket, called India-1, made breakfast and called India-2 and a good 4 hours were spent. So effectively my Sunday started at 1:45 in the afternoon. It had snowed yesterday night through today's morning and hence going out was not an option. Cooked lunch and ate it by 3. With nothing substantial to do next, I slept. I woke up half an hour before and its 8 now. I feel the food has bloated up inside me. I feel like a balloon. My mind has stopped working. My roommates seem all the more boring. Life seems to have stopped moving. The guitar doesn't sound good anymore. The evening tea seemed bland. Music is not working.
The afternoon sleep is an evil. Every time I have slept just after a heavy lunch, I have woken up like this. Delusional. It will take me one more hour to come back to life and I won't be able to sleep till its 1 or 2. And in turn wake up lazy tomorrow. And the entire Monday will suck. At home, at work.!! So will my week begin.
Have a great week ahead people. 
Hope you didn't sleep the Sunday afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

india -1 india - 2.. :P