Thursday, February 13, 2014


Walking back from his office in the evening, Ashutosh met Simran.
It was his first day in the US office and he was upbeat. Unlike the general opinion that the balloon bursts on the very first day, Ashu's first day was fun to say the least. He met his boss who was also an Indian, more so from Kolkata. His team of 9 people, comprised of 5 beautiful ladies. Unmarried. The ones he used to dream about in his college days back home. His cubicle was in front of the window which faced the lake. The Millenium Park could also be seen. People flocking around, getting wet in the reflections of the fountainhead and drying them up at the same time. Tourists posing in front of the bean for that perfect shot. And just as he was observing all of it, his team came up with a surprise lunch party. Theme Bollywood. He had never been in a party like that. To any party for that matter, not considering the school-time birthday parties. And a party themed Bollywood in the workplace, was totally out of his imagination. His boss took pride to introduce him to rest of the department and he felt at home meeting everyone. The human resource department had a presentation explaining him his revised compensation and other benefits. He had doubled his salary with this job jump he thought. He was put up in an apartment few blocks away. Although he had not yet checked his room, but the place was managed by Sheraton and hence, was good.
At around 5 he left his chair and wrapped up the gifts from his teammates into his backpack and left for home. He noticed her just as he got out of the office.
Her pace faster than his.
Her hair, beautifully combed, neat and black.
Her gait, like a fairy. Measured steps.
He was desperate to steal a glance of the face and started walking faster. And at the intersection of the State and Madisson, he walked past her and stood in front.
And that is how Simran met Ashutosh for the first time.