Friday, September 20, 2013

The Go Go Phenomenon

Alright, the first post from a Phorain country.. more because I want to keep the thoughts registered, and less because I want to share.. however confusing the statement may sound, at the very outset let it be clear that, that's how life has been the past two months.. Confusing!..
United States of America sure is a good place to be, and the place has ushered many good moments without any doubt. But it could only amaze, entertain, drop jaws in the first few days.. Then as mother nature has made us, "you get used to it"..
We have been moved to the Presidential Tower -1, "Luxury Suites". Its a fancy well organized furnished apartment in downtown Chicago and the place is filled with Indians. So we don't get surprised when somebody in the lift shouts over the phone, "Nai, charge nahi tha. Arre maine switch off nahi kiya tha." The brotherhood is there to be seen among us Indians living in the same place, in another world, but that's it. People don't prod much.
Work has been good and there are quiet a few things we should learn from the American style of working. They are all very diligent workers.
Time stops a few times when I come back home from work. I miss the company of my people back in Delhi. We all do. And we try hard to mask our feelings about it by keeping ourselves engaged with friends, with work, with Dexter, with Akele Hum Akele Tum and whatnot. Why shouldn't we. Because expressing that you miss someone to others isn't an "IN" thing to do, you know!!.
But that's how life is. It wakes you up from the warm bed of comfort and it takes you out to swim in the ocean and makes you face the troughs and crests at a regular frequency. You just have to submit and follow it around, even with sleepy eyes.

Apart from the weekend getaways, life follows a strict routine. We went to experience the Niagara Falls on the long weekend of September and it was indeed an amazing thing to see. It is a mighty waterfall and I have never been so overwhelmed at a natural display of fury.
I'll rest my fingers for now and will try to come back to feed this place with more updated insights.