Sunday, March 17, 2013


Nothing was working that day. Nothing was going right. Terrible things in life happen at the most terrible of times. Like a house of cards every fall leads to another one. And even before you stand up to take control, you find yourself in a bubble of broken images and hidden curses.
He could only hope that nothing else went wrong that day. But the bad luck continued.
Stepping outside after work he lit up the last cigarette. It got so late that he could not find anyone else outside the office. Things with her couldn't get any worse. The only thing he wanted her to have was patience, but all she was doing was to point how irresponsible he had become. The thought of breaking up with her was circling his head as he could not take the pressure anymore. Harsh things had been said, bad thoughts had been exchanged. The pure love of relationship was replaced with depressing happenings and manhandling of emotions. The last bus reached the stop at 11:15. The conductor was asleep and the driver drunk. He carried his tired body and restless soul inside. Lonely. Sad. Morose. Angry. His presence mattered to no one. His high salary didn't help him win friends. His parents got separated and were busy handling their new beginnings.
His love was getting away. He had to vent out the anger. He had to shout out the fear and get rid of the burden. For once he planned calling his boss and say the things he had long tried to say. He took out his phone and thought otherwise. Almost like a reflex, he dialed her number and she picked up at the other end.
 .."Hey, have you come out of the office? Where are you??", she said
"I am breaking up with you"
(silence...) she started weeping he guessed..
"No, this is the last time I am saying this, This is the end. I cannot have you in my life. You have become the biggest problem in my life and it is for the good of both of us that we break up. Its been bad for a very long time and it is showing no signs of getting better. Ever. I am tired explaining you everything and I don't give a fuck you understand or not.  I wish you never existed and wish we never would have done things to make it so difficult for us to leave each other. I wish there were no bonds. You have to get out of my life. Go somewhere, go get someone, but leave me. I don't love you anymore."
He heard a shrill loud voice from the other side. It was her mother. She shouted in agony as her daughter by then, had cut her wrists while talking over the phone. It was all over. She died in the hospital that night itself.
He heard the phone ring.
It was her.
It was in the pocket and he picked it up instantly.
.."Hey, have you come out of the office? Where are you??"
.."Hi, yeah, I am in the bus, got asleep."
.."Ohk, call me when you reach."
Although he tried saying much more, but he summed it up..
.."I love you Mansi.."
.."Love you too".