Saturday, January 05, 2013

Everybody's gotten cold this winter

Winter is a bad time for emotions. As if the entire world goes into a mode of hibernation. No doubt, the visibility reduces. People stop caring about the junta around and focus only on things barely visible. Time gets stuck even in hot happening metro cities. People die lying on the streets and nobody cares. Nature sleeps for most of the part of the day as the lazy-further away Sun never really rises. Things around become dangerous, become bleak as the ruthless unruly ones become the only players and their might is seldom challenged. 

Watching the TV interview of the friend of the rape victim, I cursed the system. Quiet foolishly, which I only realized later. Banging one head against one Great Wall of China can do no bad to its strength. The system got no one to blame, or arrest or punish but the TV channel which aired the interview. This was totally unacceptable but amazingly predictable and not at all surprising.

This has been happening for quite some time now. If you cannot control your lunatic men population, ask the women not to step out after dark, or to wear jeans and top. If you cannot pin charges against the accused, prove that the raped woman is at fault and she invited the man in. If you cannot do anything, kill the one who does or who will. If you cannot improve your force, file charges against the channel which is criticizing it. The real problem is in your head and you are busy itching your little finger off.

The entire episode that followed the 16 December Delhi rape has been nothing but saddening. Not only because mother India lost another of her loved daughter but also because human beings lost their sense of humanity. It has been a humiliation. The team that played against Pakistan in the three match series must have been busy hiding their ashamed faces but playing cricket. Perhaps that is why we lost. How humiliating is it that you first get defeated like a bunch of monkeys-playing-cricket, and then get kicked in your balls because of whatever is happening in your capital city. However, things around were so gloomy that their loss didn’t affect many of us. Keep losing boys, now is the right time.

The thick dense fog of intolerance coupled with the menace ignorance and total lack of respect for the law of the land has stopped the vehicle of growth. And this is not the growth calculated over previous years GDP, but the growth of our civilization. It is bringing back the days when men used to eat each other to survive. And it will be an utter non-sense blabber if we talk about the development of nomads.

Winters used to be the favorite part of my year. But it is not anymore.

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