Friday, September 20, 2013

The Go Go Phenomenon

Alright, the first post from a Phorain country.. more because I want to keep the thoughts registered, and less because I want to share.. however confusing the statement may sound, at the very outset let it be clear that, that's how life has been the past two months.. Confusing!..
United States of America sure is a good place to be, and the place has ushered many good moments without any doubt. But it could only amaze, entertain, drop jaws in the first few days.. Then as mother nature has made us, "you get used to it"..
We have been moved to the Presidential Tower -1, "Luxury Suites". Its a fancy well organized furnished apartment in downtown Chicago and the place is filled with Indians. So we don't get surprised when somebody in the lift shouts over the phone, "Nai, charge nahi tha. Arre maine switch off nahi kiya tha." The brotherhood is there to be seen among us Indians living in the same place, in another world, but that's it. People don't prod much.
Work has been good and there are quiet a few things we should learn from the American style of working. They are all very diligent workers.
Time stops a few times when I come back home from work. I miss the company of my people back in Delhi. We all do. And we try hard to mask our feelings about it by keeping ourselves engaged with friends, with work, with Dexter, with Akele Hum Akele Tum and whatnot. Why shouldn't we. Because expressing that you miss someone to others isn't an "IN" thing to do, you know!!.
But that's how life is. It wakes you up from the warm bed of comfort and it takes you out to swim in the ocean and makes you face the troughs and crests at a regular frequency. You just have to submit and follow it around, even with sleepy eyes.

Apart from the weekend getaways, life follows a strict routine. We went to experience the Niagara Falls on the long weekend of September and it was indeed an amazing thing to see. It is a mighty waterfall and I have never been so overwhelmed at a natural display of fury.
I'll rest my fingers for now and will try to come back to feed this place with more updated insights.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Nothing was working that day. Nothing was going right. Terrible things in life happen at the most terrible of times. Like a house of cards every fall leads to another one. And even before you stand up to take control, you find yourself in a bubble of broken images and hidden curses.
He could only hope that nothing else went wrong that day. But the bad luck continued.
Stepping outside after work he lit up the last cigarette. It got so late that he could not find anyone else outside the office. Things with her couldn't get any worse. The only thing he wanted her to have was patience, but all she was doing was to point how irresponsible he had become. The thought of breaking up with her was circling his head as he could not take the pressure anymore. Harsh things had been said, bad thoughts had been exchanged. The pure love of relationship was replaced with depressing happenings and manhandling of emotions. The last bus reached the stop at 11:15. The conductor was asleep and the driver drunk. He carried his tired body and restless soul inside. Lonely. Sad. Morose. Angry. His presence mattered to no one. His high salary didn't help him win friends. His parents got separated and were busy handling their new beginnings.
His love was getting away. He had to vent out the anger. He had to shout out the fear and get rid of the burden. For once he planned calling his boss and say the things he had long tried to say. He took out his phone and thought otherwise. Almost like a reflex, he dialed her number and she picked up at the other end.
 .."Hey, have you come out of the office? Where are you??", she said
"I am breaking up with you"
(silence...) she started weeping he guessed..
"No, this is the last time I am saying this, This is the end. I cannot have you in my life. You have become the biggest problem in my life and it is for the good of both of us that we break up. Its been bad for a very long time and it is showing no signs of getting better. Ever. I am tired explaining you everything and I don't give a fuck you understand or not.  I wish you never existed and wish we never would have done things to make it so difficult for us to leave each other. I wish there were no bonds. You have to get out of my life. Go somewhere, go get someone, but leave me. I don't love you anymore."
He heard a shrill loud voice from the other side. It was her mother. She shouted in agony as her daughter by then, had cut her wrists while talking over the phone. It was all over. She died in the hospital that night itself.
He heard the phone ring.
It was her.
It was in the pocket and he picked it up instantly.
.."Hey, have you come out of the office? Where are you??"
.."Hi, yeah, I am in the bus, got asleep."
.."Ohk, call me when you reach."
Although he tried saying much more, but he summed it up..
.."I love you Mansi.."
.."Love you too".

Sunday, January 27, 2013

AakashVani. Outer-space music.

I have no intentions to hide this sorry story from you. Neither do I want you to go watch it after confusing it for yet another realistic love story from the house of Luv Duv Ranjan, who gave us a good time in Pyar ka Punchnama. This one is not even close.
First of all, to criticize the actors will be the easiest job. None can act, no one is good looking enough to pass unnoticed without acting (aka Katrina Kaif), the lead boy cannot even hold a cigarette properly, the lead girl is neutron uncharged. And the story is such that even if they could've salvaged the last drop of acting from their inner grey cells, they'd still look dumb.
Secondly, the direction and the story. The boy and the girl meet during a ragging session in sadda St. Stephens and boom blooms their love at first sight. (So realistic and so out of the box!!). They express their love in Manali and over a single non-musical song, the director brews their love. But the song gets shot very pathetically with one scene in Manali and next in their college and the next in Manali and again in Delhi. So we understand that they shift locations frequently and prefer going out on trips very often. With this, their college life comes to an end with the boy and the girl making sweet honeymoon plans and dreaming about the future. The guy decides to go to London and the gal decides to prepare for MBA in her hometown Dehradun. The girl's elder sister runs away with her lover on the day of her marriage and all hells break loose. The girl breaks up with the guy to get married to some IIT-IIM 16 LPA hunk. She bears the burden just to save her parents from the disgrace of the society. From them neighbors who won't let her mother shop for vegetables peacefully. From them family friends who'd come up to her house, drink their water and then let her father grieve his daughter's daring act. From the SOCIETY. What the F is what she says, both to society and to its proud representatives and then curbs under its very pressure. In order to free her parents of this social mud-slinging, she decides to get married to another guy. But wait, this guy is unreasonably bad. He is well educated no doubt, but is rude without any reason. Instead of living a nice loving life with his beautiful wife, he troubles her without a sane reason. (Again, very realistic, ain't it) After getting her brains popped out by her insane husband, our gal decides to visit Delhi to attend an alumni meet. Guess who she meets there. No prize for guessing, our guy. The high school smoker, now woos her and shows her what she was missing in her life. Like she didn't know. Like my friend sitting by puts her, "sabse seedhi St. Stephenian hogi yeh". Well our seedhi bacchhii finally realizes that her sacrifice won't go too long and she puts up a fight full of moving dialogues with her parents in front of the entire cast of the movie. Too late little girl, why didn't you do this pehle?? (again, superbly realistic things gets discussed). She files for divorce, the bad guy is sad to sign on it, but he still does. Our gal jumps with joy and starts doing MBA with her London returned hubby by her side. End.
This movie doesn't talk about change. Its butter coated depiction of love in university is far from realistic romance. The logic of its protagonists is disturbingly dull and outdated. The society-reaction is predictable. The very forgettable music and some foolish dialogues do not help the cause at all. The movie neither shows a sweet romantic tale of two loving people, nor does it show a brave fight someone takes up to change the mass mentality and do things their own way. In its endeavor to strike a balance between the two, it ruins everything it gathers. What it shows is how bad life can get if you do not express your feelings to your parents before they plan to get you married. Thats it. No matter how much you broaden your perspective, this movie should not mean anything more to you. And if you extrapolate, in an ideal situation, it shows society how irresponsible it is to talk about someone else's problems and increase their problems. But ours is a stringent society and it raises its left leg and pisses on these cheap criticisms and continues unmoved. This is a weak blow and it will be a wonder if our society wakes up tomorrow to a better mode after watching this cinema.
Indian cinema has seen many romantic tales. Many movies which move you and end up inspiring you to fall in love and fight for it if required. Not this one. This one is a waste.
Full stop.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Everybody's gotten cold this winter

Winter is a bad time for emotions. As if the entire world goes into a mode of hibernation. No doubt, the visibility reduces. People stop caring about the junta around and focus only on things barely visible. Time gets stuck even in hot happening metro cities. People die lying on the streets and nobody cares. Nature sleeps for most of the part of the day as the lazy-further away Sun never really rises. Things around become dangerous, become bleak as the ruthless unruly ones become the only players and their might is seldom challenged. 

Watching the TV interview of the friend of the rape victim, I cursed the system. Quiet foolishly, which I only realized later. Banging one head against one Great Wall of China can do no bad to its strength. The system got no one to blame, or arrest or punish but the TV channel which aired the interview. This was totally unacceptable but amazingly predictable and not at all surprising.

This has been happening for quite some time now. If you cannot control your lunatic men population, ask the women not to step out after dark, or to wear jeans and top. If you cannot pin charges against the accused, prove that the raped woman is at fault and she invited the man in. If you cannot do anything, kill the one who does or who will. If you cannot improve your force, file charges against the channel which is criticizing it. The real problem is in your head and you are busy itching your little finger off.

The entire episode that followed the 16 December Delhi rape has been nothing but saddening. Not only because mother India lost another of her loved daughter but also because human beings lost their sense of humanity. It has been a humiliation. The team that played against Pakistan in the three match series must have been busy hiding their ashamed faces but playing cricket. Perhaps that is why we lost. How humiliating is it that you first get defeated like a bunch of monkeys-playing-cricket, and then get kicked in your balls because of whatever is happening in your capital city. However, things around were so gloomy that their loss didn’t affect many of us. Keep losing boys, now is the right time.

The thick dense fog of intolerance coupled with the menace ignorance and total lack of respect for the law of the land has stopped the vehicle of growth. And this is not the growth calculated over previous years GDP, but the growth of our civilization. It is bringing back the days when men used to eat each other to survive. And it will be an utter non-sense blabber if we talk about the development of nomads.

Winters used to be the favorite part of my year. But it is not anymore.