Sunday, December 02, 2012

Let it end this time!

The cloud surrounding the probable sudden end of the world gets me thinking that how absolute this world is. The money, the car, the shoes, the job, the girl friend, how everything I connect myself to, is utter meaningless. Everything is so temporary that it can get washed away in a single day of total mayhem. It thrills me to think that this will be same for so many people. So many other lives, having nothing in common but their sense of belongingness. What are we exactly. As I extend the boundaries of observation, I see myself getting diminished to a dot in the whole of the universe. Its the frame of reference that matters. And for someone, sitting up there over the planet JupiterX, filling a huge bullet in his mighty barrel, with which he intends to destroy the Earth on 21st December, 2012, does it really matter to him what Gangeyyo had in his breakfast this morning. Or how many scams did the present government participate in? Or how many centuries will Sachin Tendulkar hit before retiring. Did he read the Delhi Times this morning and get envious of the Page 3 fat wedding couples?
So what if the world actually ends this 21st December? Will we be able to cut the chords of attachments to a perfect materialistic world we've made for us? Will we be able to get up early morning and work for our last days, for ourselves? Will we be able to think about one good thing and appreciate someone honestly or will be jealous as usual? Can we let go of all the ego surrounding us, can we let others feel free? Can we really sympathize with someone needy and help him out? Can we really not care about the future?
I think not.. The combined strength of all the ties we've made should make it impossible for any force to challenge this race of ours. And we shall wake up on 22nd December caring about the same things and moving on.
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