Thursday, November 22, 2012

Writer's Block

I have so much to say, so much more in mind, so much to write, but I am not able to..
I am not somehow figuring the correct way to start writing my thoughts down.
I DO have a topic to write on,
I also have some things charted out on which I can write, but I just cannot write it.
I want to write about Kasab's hanging and how it didn't cheer me up.
I want to write about those who rather got me saddened with their cheerfulness about the matter.
I want to open up and say that this is not another occasion to be happy about as removing just another person doesn't remove the institution as a whole, or does any harm to it.
I want to write about a friend who is about to get married.
I want to write that I know his smile is getting shallower with every passing day.
Shallow with disbelief about his own self.
I want to write about his mixed feelings.
I want to tell you about how he feels the girl is too protective, but gets anxious if she doesn't call him.
I want to share how his personality is changing after having someone to look after and being looked after by someone.
I want to write how enchanting it is to see him control his emotions, his very effort.
I want to write about the past, the present, the times unbound, the wind unbarred, the feelings ungrounded.
I want to write about so many things that I stop.
Damn this Writer's Block.


S... said...

No Gangeyyo.. You know how to play with the words. You know how to get it going...Why to focus on "No's and Don'ts"... The more you concentrate on "dont" the more it will stop or make you confuse.
Pick out one of those topic and start attacking..and regarding this friend of yours who is getting have expressed in few words... Hope the bells are not ringing at your place too! :)
So dear Mr. Writer...looking for a post from you... :) Think positive! It works :) and tested too! :)

Gangeyyo Bhattacharjee said...

The positive thinking doesn't come out well on paper.. a difficult disease I suffer from..