Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Delhi Biryani Quest - Part Two

If the Golconda bowl was a bit ruthless to your wallet, this time I will talk about the smaller and less costly places in Delhi where you can find extraordinary Biryani.
Bengali style Biryani is much different from the usual Hyderabadi Biryani or the spiced up Lucknowi Biryani. It is characterized by its lac of masala, but an awesome flavor and taste, its light yellow color with some of the long rice pieces left uncolored, a boiled egg and a piece of boiled and cooked in spice potato inside. Since childhood, that potato inside a biryani have puzzled me a lot, until I started to love it. That potato inside a Kolkata Biryani doesn't taste like ordinary potato. It tastes special. After some research about the matter, I came to know that the potato was used as a replacement of chicken in the biryani prepared for the Rajas of Bengal, during the time of a famine.
Kolkata Biryani House, CR Park
However, to start with, you can go to Chittaranjan Park, market - 1. The stall is called Kolkata Biryani House and it runs only in a single room which might look very ordinary from the outside. But the place attracts a lot of customers who generally crowd the area around the stall. People generally pack their plate of Biryani because of the lac of seating facilities. You can get a plate of chicken biryani in exchange of 130 rupees and the mutton variant costs 150. Although there are other items in the menu list, but the chicken biryani steals the show. The taste is authentic and very original of a typical Bengali Biryani. The cook from Kolkata used to cook at Siraj, one of the best non-veg restaurants there.
Roll Center , Mayur Vihar
Another restaurant which serves authentic Bengali style Biryani is Roll Center in Mayur Vihar phase-I. This also looks pretty ordinary from outside but there are ample space to sit and eat your Biryani. The stall also serves Chicken Kathi rolls (from which the name, Roll Center) and they are quiet tasty. The taste of the biryani is same as that of Kolkata Biryani House of CR Park.
Bijoli Grill, Banga Bhavan, Haley Road
Ever since, the Bongo Bhavan at Haley Road has opened its restaurant Bijoli Grill for all, I have made it a point to visit the restaurant every fortnight. This is because the surprises it has in store. Every item in the huge list of Bengali menu is so tasty that you can't help ordering it the next time you visit the restaurant. This makes it difficult to try the other dishes. Well, on Saturdays and Sundays, Bijoli grill serves the special Kolkata Biryani. This is a slightly spicier version of the usual Kolkata Biryani. But the taste makes it by far the best Bengali Biryani I have ever tasted in Delhi. The juicy and softened with care pieces of chicken melt inside the mouth and the taste stays with you for a very long time.
The next time, I will write about the costliest Biryani I have ordered in Delhi. The one in ITC Maurya Sheraton, the Bukhara. Till then, happy eating outside.


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