Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So much for the honor

The news came as a shock. I did not watch all the episodes of Satyameva Jayate, but I do remember watching the one concerning honor killings. And I could truly connect to the guys who ran away from the barriers of the society, who could cross the hurdle of the village panch for the love of their life.
Words fall short when I try to express my anger, when I try to vent my emotions. I can find no logic behind killing a happy relationship for the sake of societal dignity. No knowledge can ever back such acts of barbaric origin. The law and order gets raped in public and we all forget the happening after a few days of hue and cry and move on with our daily sorry lives.
Once I had a conversation with an auto-rickshaw driver who passed a cheap comment on college couples walking hand in hand near the DU area. He could not stand the fact that girls can wear anything except the traditional clothes. I asked him, "What if your girl gets to a good university and starts wearing all this, as all her friends around would do?". He coldly replied, "Maar denge Sir". I was taken aback. The guy went ahead and told me that he had  three daughters and if one of them dies like this, it will be a good lesson for the remaining two.
Such is the shape of the mentality, that majority of people within us share. Look around.
We care about the high class living, the plush infrastructure, the shopping malls and food court. The facade of development that masks the inner illiterate demon is so blinding that we think we have evolved ourselves and the third world country is not so third world anymore. But board any express train my dear friend and travel for 30 minutes away from your metro city and you will see where we really stand. You'll see how people can also do without air conditioned four wheelers, you can see how people spend their evening sitting on rooftop to use the very last lux of sunlight available before entering the darkness of their nights. You can find a girl who has been taught not to talk to any stranger before marriage, and cover herself up from top to toe so that her name in the society is not besmirched. Forget about their education. There is a lot we can do to savor the honor of our society. Killing an innocent man can do no good to it.

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