Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Luv Shuv tey Chicken - the Music

Amit Trivedi is a priced possession. He is a golden feather in the decorated Indian film music cap. His music not only sounds different but it also has the ability to stick to the eardrums and stay there for a long time. So while working on a tiring 257 page document, don’t get surprised if you unknowingly start humming one of his tunes or every time you plug into those head phones, you scroll down to one his latest albums and play his songs in loops.
His latest musical gift is recorded in the album of Luv Shuvtey Chicken Khurana. Every song in the album sounds fresh even after being listened to for ye many number of times.
KikriKalerdi is a traditional Punjabi marriage song. A typical Amit Trivedi song with a lot of emphasis on the bass and the signature tunewhich gets played in the mind again and again even after the song gets played. Watch out for the spicy “Chhichor” rap of YoYo Honey Singh which summarizes the song. “Main tera raja hoon, tumeri rani hai, baby Suraksha hi Sabhdhanihai”.
Next up is“YoMotorwala”, the one who drinks “dabbewaladoodh”. The song is sung in the traditional Haryanvi language to which most of us Faridabadi can connect.Amit Trivedi and TochiRaina provide a very fresh feel to the Dadagiri conveyed through the song and the use of typical “panga” language of the song makes it a hit.
After getting musically naughty in the first two songs, comes my favorite song of the album. The third song of the album is the title song. A romantic Punjabi songwhich depicts the love-filled conversation between Mrs. Khurana and Mr. Khurana and you can only wonder the extreme emotions the Punjabi language can touch upon. It can make you dance to the beats of Bhangda on one hand and it can bring up a smile upon your face with a romantic song like this on the other. A brilliant song!
The rest of the album needs to be heard after this introduction.

Let’s now talk about the music of Amit Trivedi and see what’s different in it. I think Amit Trivedi’s music is simple; it involves a few instruments and focuses more on the music part than the accompaniment. This is the reason why his music sounds easy to the ear and stays in the mind for a long time. He uses the bass guitar to its full effect. The minimal use of distortion guitars and heavy drum beats makes his song sound clean, apt and simple.
We now have someone with Rehman who can make the movie a smash hit with its music.
Check it out people.

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