Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kab tak hai Jaan??-a challenge

First of all, a guitar is not played like that.. the right hand swinging aimlessly in air.. and even an acoustic Gibson cannot be played that loud without an amplifier.. and were they even sane chords? Khair.. "Actor hai bhai, guitarist thodi na hai", is what my neighbor seat told me.. engulfed in the chaalla..
I pitied those mangled remains of distorted cloudy figures, coming out of the theater, just been subjected to a three hour utterly non-sense, almost comical last work of a director with whom the “legend” tag comes free until I realized I was one among them. I thanked God that the movie was over and that it left me unwounded. I dozed twice while watching it, a feat achieved only once before while watching the absolutely amazing movie called Baabul. I personally was never really a big fan of Yash Chopra. As a matter of fact, I never really admire the romance shown in sadda Hindi films. It becomes so unbelievable after a certain point of excess sexy, horny Mahila Jayawardene love, that the probability of finding such love in real life gets below the thousandth fraction of unity. So I shut myself up and tell myself, “You stupid, this is a movie after all, how dare you connect it to your own bland life?” . It’s time we get real and fall back to the ground and start walking. A tread-mill never gets us anywhere. Well..

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