Saturday, November 10, 2012

First chill of the season

My love for you is not in the beautiful Swiss mountains
Its not in the beaches of Port Louis
Neither in the woods of Amazon can you find it
Nor in the Gondolas of Venice

My love for you can't be found in Shakespearean sonnets
Its not sung in the Yeats 'Drinking Song'
No way can it be written by O Henry
And it can even prove Oscar Wilde wrong..

My love for you cannot be bought with a diamond ring
Or gold or platinum or any other metal
It cannot be hung from a gem necklace
And it cannot be decorated with pricey floral..

My love for you smiles in the way you smile
And the way you put the loose hair back to its place
It grows when your bangles strike while doing so
It glows within your blushed conscious face.

It hides in the care that you shower upon me
It breathes in your perfume
It shines when I can't wait to see you,
and It dashes when you are in the same room

It speeds up when I see those eyes of yours
It rocks and rolls with your voice rides
It feels like home when you tell me your stories
It feels safe when you walk by my side 

**** Yours Truly
**** Sole Fiction !!