Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Delhi Biryani Quest – search for the best Biryani in Delhi – Part – One

If you wiki “Biryani”, you will get to know that it is a rice-based food cooked with spices and meat, fish, eggs (and sometimes even vegetables). You will also get to know that the dish was invented by the Mughals to feed their army, as it was too difficult to feed such a huge pool of hungry people with rotis and paranthas. Well for us, Biryanis need no formal introduction as we have been smacking our taste buds with this beautifully mysterious dish for long. I call it mysterious because the taste of a Biryani can never be the same at two different restaurants. My quest for the best Biryani has taken me places. Right from the local street-side-30-rupees-per-plate-chicken-biryani to the ambient par elegance of Maurya Sheraton’s Bukhara, I have tried and tested (and tasted) many authentic and non-authentic jugaadu Biryanis and have confirmed that no two biryanis taste the same. In this five part series I will share some of my notable experiences while tasting this amazing dish and would like to receive your suggestions and thoughts to enrich my list of eateries.

1.   The Golconda Bowl
****/ 5
The Golconda Bowl is a newly opened restaurant located in the streets of HauzKhas village. HauzKhas village provides the perfect stage for a casual weekend getaway. Especially these days, when the Sun has mellowed down its mercy and the October sky looks like a canvas of cloud painting, the tomb of Feroze-Shah Tughlaq in its calm serene historical surrounding seems all the more welcoming. And after spending the morning drenched in the ruins of history, walk into the Golconda Bowl to treat your taste buds with some age-old recipes ofHyderabadi cuisines.
The Golconda Bowl offers three types of Biryanis. For non-veg lovers they have The Kacchegoshtki Biryani and the Murg-Dum Biryani and for vegetarians they serve the subz-Dum Biryani. The murg-Dum Biryani was an absolute delight. Long Basmati rice, smeared with just the right amount of ghee and spices (which left it with just the right amount of the rich aroma, biryani lovers crave for,) was cooked with juicy and melt-in-mouthmarinated chicken pieces. The kesar left it with a reddish tint and a majestic smell. The dish itself looked very tasty. It was made even tastier by the free flowing Indian classical music playing softly in the background. As a side dish, the Halim was excellent, which is basically a Mughlai spicy daal cooked with creamy mashed chicken. Although the place is a bit over-priced but you will be delighted enough, while paying the bill, to not care. All in all, this restaurant provides a nice calm place which uplifts the mood with its great food and ambience. Four Stars to The Golconda Bowl.

Readers are requested to suggest their awesome experiences with this awesome dish and spread the word.

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Priyanka Sharma said...

Good luck on your quest for the Best Biryani in Delhi. :)
Amazed to see biryani lovers in delhi. Count me in as well.