Monday, October 08, 2012

Simple Things and Nostalgia

Simple things in life have an everlasting presence.
They follow us round, they have an unforgettable essence.
They tie us down to the man we really are
They force us into memories, the ones we really care.

I still remember stepping out into the rain
From the school bus back home and never complain
For the umbrella mum had kept, inside it remained
Walking back home with Gaurav, essentially drenched
And we would talk about BT, we would talk about class
And we would look out to the eight floor, onto that Santro rear glass
And when she would go inside, "oh! that pretty"
We would realize that time had flown to three thirty
But today,
If it rains even a bit, I draw the curtains and pull up the window panes
I bring myself in, I cause myself that pain.

And Raghav, Nimit, Ashish and me
Together we would always be
To spend those two years in the blink of an eye
To sweat the games period, or to be the catcher in the rye
We once walked from school to Mother Dairy to save a few bucks
But why did Ashish Chadda join us with his shirt un-tucked
For he wanted to be with us till the point he could
It never mattered how slow we walked or how bad was his post-exam-mood
But today,
Even if we're near, time never lets us meet
But we all are happy to have memories too sweet.

I still cherish eating fuchkas by the Durgapur streets
Standing the long queue, it would be a place for us friends to meet.
The 2 rupee coin has never again been that precious
For it bought 5 fuchkas, which with every bite got more delicious
For every time it filled my mouth I felt life's beauty
For every time I had it, I could skip the night's boring dinner roti
But today,
Although fuchkas still rule the streets, and ample money fills the pocket's hollow 
Although the price of the fuchkas have gone up, but lesser has become their priced value

I remember walking with Sailesh & Gaurav on Kaushambi streets
We would cross the big heart topics and check out the women fleet..
We would comment upon every passerby and laugh out loud
We would sit on the Kanchenjunga bench, to make our parents proud.
For it was a relief to hear and to be heard without any conditions applied
For it was a time when laughter mattered with friends growing alongside
But today,
As I walk alone by the same old street and see the kids with their stories spurn
I pass a slight grin of disgust and get to hear their laughter in return 

However you are, where ever you may be glued
Take a time out and remember the days which loved you and only you'd
The times you'd spend only for yourself
The miles you'd walk to treat your mood's health
The times which have landed you in that bright yellow spot
The people on whom you'd lay your worthy trust
Get tied down to the man you really are
Get forced into memories, the ones you really care.

PS: an overreaction of a sudden nostalgia .. and love.. ;)

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