Sunday, October 21, 2012

Durga Puja

Fill your lungs to blow out into the shannkh, roll your lips and join the ululululu party, empty your stomach to gorge into her majesty, the street food, and relax your calf muscles enough so that you can manage to walk the long queues outside the pandal, because Ma Durga has arrived. And like every year, this year it will be more special, it will be more colorful and will be celebrated with more vigor, because Ma Durga has arrived. One of the many amazing things about Durga Puja is the way it has stitched itself to the culture of us bengalis. We look forward to these four days, the entire year. People invest a good 4-5 month period to prepare. And then when Ma Durga comes, the days are spent in a flash, like unnoticed, as if leaving the people in a state of trance, and then begins the plans for the next years Puja.
I do have plans to visit all the good Puja in and around Delhi and to eat at some of the best Bengali places, and attend some good programs too. I wish you all have a fantastic Durga Puja and may Ma Durga bestow her blessings on all of you.
Here's wishing you all a happy Durga Puja.

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