Friday, September 21, 2012

You am here, I are there..

Well well..
Stumbled upon many interesting video blogs or vlogs as they the nerd race prefer to call it and found it incredibly entertaining.
A moderately sick body opens up the gates to a heavy inner mind.
What good to the world can you do by lying half on the bed and half on the bean bag kept casually beside the open window?
What else can you think of when all you see is the silent wave of human life form from above the 11th floor in the sky while the antibiotics do their work to kill the viruses which gave you the passport to bunk office?
Try to identify one from the huge movement is what I told to I.
May be the girl in the bright red T-shirt which just got brighter by the brighter sunlight, wearing dark shades, probably sized bigger than her face, or one of those boys who have been following her, making a joke among themselves and laughing out loud, to pose as the smartest of the lot, having the coolest sense of humor, hoping that the girl would turn back find her love-of-life and come running towards him, as he''ll grab her by her "patli kamar" as the passing by auto plays the background song, "Saathiya, binn tere dil maane na.."
Life should be like a bean bag I feel. And if your life is like one, You Lucky Bastard!!
Get all filled up. Have no shape of your own and take the shape of wherever you are kept on. And change, as per the buttocks of the one who sits on you. And once the load is released, curse that ass and come back to your original shape. And if the load gets too big for you to sustain, just burst. No complaints, no problems.
Sounds so very anti-revolutionary.
Sounds so very non-ideal.
But of all the chairs where I rest my ass, my bean back is the coolest one.

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