Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Say hello, Say Good-Bye

Self check.. where's the mirror??.. yeah.. here it is.. this is the first post of 2012, and hello, this is the 9th month already..
So what.. just felt like writing one.. god knows when will the next one come..
Well I am doing hot stuff civil engineering.. 
something I never imagined I would do after two years of the degree.. 
the balloons of a business consultancy job or a business administration course has burst and the tattered pieces have flown away to further skies..
 But life has been good.. 
And life has been pretty much about the most coveted word "Business".. 
Busy-ness, isn't that the etymology of the word..
For people like us, life throws in a challenge.. 
It says, "yeh leh, hoja bore." 
And it is up to us whether we face the challenge fists up by going all hooo lalalala... 
and partying like animals.. 
and scoring chicks.. 
and getting HHHiigh and saying it loud to your friends.. 
or posting it on "FB".. 
and driving very fast to reach nowhere.. 
using the f word much too often for the government you not even care about.. 
and coming back home, all tired and jazzed when you see life sitting calmly by your window, passing the cruelest of mocking smiles, and saying "Ho gaya na bore!"..
Its all absolute.. no one is fantastically happy, and no one is extremely sad.. In general, we all try to strike a balance and we all succeed in doing that, unless we go dive off the Sydney bridge or swallow all the pills your grandmother ever had to have to induce sleep.. we all live.. and we all love ourselves.. it is alright if any Mr. William thinks that his life is way cooler than yours, better gift him a sweater, but in your mind, if your ask yourself, you are THE MAN.. so put those mighty inner-head-phone plugs inside your ear and scroll down to your favorite music and tap your feet when the singer sings "Back in Black, I hit the shack"
And you'll see how black everybody who cares, have become.. and you'll see how clear and white your careless head is...

Good Bye


NIshant said...

God help me- I am not trying to sound like a loser...The other day I saw a kid.. he is in so many ways .. so unlike me..The same place that I thought I drifted to, don remember now how many years back,seem like a launchpad for GSLV ...I heard every coin has two faces.. what I dint know is that, this is just one nth of the story.. each face (all n of them or 2n if you will) is as bright as the reflection of the person in front .. (Gang the captcha got me)

S... said...

Hey Gangs... :):)
"yeh leh, hoja bore." yahi hota hai..i didnt read ur post properly...i was jumping from one line to another from one word to the last one...didnt understand what were u trying to say to be very true..:P
but happy to see ur post after so long :)