Friday, December 09, 2011


I am disgusted. I feel ashamed to call myself a part of this generation. My helplessness strangles me and the fact that I am just another mute spectator to the pathetic surroundings makes me hate myself even more. The shackles that bind me under the mask called "attachment" has made me a mere puppet, who can just shrug his shoulders while watching the morning NDTV news covering the death roll by a hospital fire, and all he can do is  bite the rest of the crunchy bread toast.
I cannot even imagine the pain those 89 people had gone through in the last hours of their lives. They  had come to an elite city hospital hoping to get better, and they got a demon in return who strangled them right in the middle of the night and their very ICU became their own coffin. Tears fill my eyes when I see the helpless family members running madly here and there, searching for the ones who they hoped will get better the next day. The ones for whom they prayed.
This is a massacre. Who are we blaming? Does putting a few men in jail help the little boy who have lost his father, the husband whose wife was expecting a baby? Does protesting against the ruling government help either? Opposition blames State, State blames Center, Center expresses shock and despair and an ex-gratia is announced for the family members of the deceased and the case is closed. We move on in our lives and everything else seems normal. The authorities get over cautious for a few days and a few more hospitals are searched and a few licences are cancelled and we wait with baited breath for another mishap to occur elsewhere so that the focus shifts to something else. What A Shame. What A Shame.
This is not just another mishap. This cannot be tagged "just an accident" and be made invisible. This should not be.

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Medhavin said...

Unfortunately, it will be go down the line as just that. Life is cheap in this country my friend. Haven't we heard of this numerous times before? Makes you sick..