Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wish they Cared

How silly does it seem!!.. a blast rips off the judicial headquarters of the nation's capital and the very next day terrorist organizations queue up to take the responsibility as if it was an act of pride.. The helpless government and security system can do nothing but mark the claims as invalid.. Do we even realize what has this sorry tale unearthed? No one is afraid to bomb an Indian high court. There are people who want to be part of the mass Indian killings that took place.. As if there's a credit rating system going on.. "Okay your bomb has killed 15, you get 10 points", "okay it killed 2, you don't even qualify",,
The open mockery is relaxing in a jail right now, with crores being spent for protecting the safety of his killer ass.. A man with a gun caught red-handed while open firing at human beings has been given the privilege of judiciary, of prosecution.. You are blind if you see fairness in this process.. How can he even be allowed to eat our food, reach our courts. How can a mass killer even be allowed to breathe free??.. I fail to understand.. And what this has caused is pretty clear in front of us..
Even if they catch the master-mind with the shabby sketches released, what will they do with him? They will try them in the same high court and then let their cases be heard. If we do so, I am sure we will not be doing justice to anyone.. The UN may appreciate, but all the member nations will laugh at us beneath the painted veil of admiration.
However unjustified the US action seem to be, but they have made sure they defenestrate the Al-Quaida from the face of the earth.. They have made sure they kill the boss and the world watches with bated breath. They have made sure that Osama becomes the most wanted terrorist. But we can't even find the names of those who actually did the heinous act in Delhi last week. We have 2-3 responsibility claims and thats all.
I hate to feel insecure in my own country.

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