Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Train Rolls on

Witnessed a funny event today while coming back from office. The Delhi Metro rides have never bored me because of various reasons. I like watching new faces everyday, at every station. I love the way people get in and get out at Central Secretariat to Jahangir Puri line, like its the job they were destined to do and they can't miss a single second, I like watching the lone girl stuck in the general not-exclusively-for-women compartment and the amount of attention she gets from the fellow men passengers, I like it when people fight with the indifferent guys who sit shamelessly in the ladies seat even while watching an old woman standing nearby and rest only when he gets up making a silly face of a notorious infant caught red-handed. There's so much to observe in the Delhi Metro.
Coming back to the topic. A few days back during my visit to Mumbai I had the chance to book a ticket in the very popular Mumbai Local aka Mumbai Suburban Railway. I was stunned to see that no one cared to see what laid inside my bag, or my pockets. I didn't even go through a metal detector even once and I was traveling in a train carrying around 4 thousand passengers. I was shocked to see the lack of care specially after a series of bomb blasts a few years ago. Its not a surprise that the terrorist attacked the trains as its a safe place to hide any ill motives as everything will go unchecked and its also not a surprise that Mumbaikars feel unsafe at public places.
Anyways Delhi Metro doesn't leave any stones unturned to ensure the safety and each and every passenger is checked thoroughly before he gets an entry. Today while coming back, I had just closed my eyes and didn't know when I fell asleep.Suddenly I heard a loud noise. Adrenalin woke up. It was a bang. Something had exploded. This caused the others to get up as well. Two policemen came running from nowhere. The reason behind the blast was a small boy who had just boarded the train from Nehru Place and sat on his plastic bag containing something soft as he couldn't find any seat. As all the eyes were hitting upon him he meekly looked at the policemen and out came his docile explanation, "Panni fatt gayi sahab".
It left a smile on everybody's face and someone shifted a bit to make space for the kid.

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