Saturday, September 17, 2011

Times they are really Changing

Alright. I find absolutely no reason to post such an abstract article (as it seems now at least) in such a place where most of the readers won't mind reading after a few lines but I just feel like doing so. The information may be specific but the experiences may be shared by many of us in some way or the other who have freshly stepped into the leather shoes of Job.. especially engineering..
The last week has been the most hectic week of my life.. (kindly stop reading if you find your interest fading)

No seriously, even while preparing the third and the fifth semester syllabus in a single day, my eyes didn't get so weirdly tired that everything they see seem related to the work in hand. While in hostel, I used to tell myself that these tough times of engineering will pass once I get into a good job, but times have changed. (for better or for worse that needs to be perceived.)
I don't want to crib about my job, no, no, this is not that sad kind of a thing that happens to people where they feel stuck to the thing they hate and are forced to perform according to someone else. I don't want to repeat some of my mates and don't want to sound like a loser would do. What I want to point out is how does one feel when one wishes to do a job and then finds difficult to make it through? How does one feel when he solemnly take the responsibility and then think how will I be able to finish this fuck?. Well as I type this, I feel things were not that bad at my end.
Well, I designed my first foundation today (effectively), and Man it took me 25 long days to do it.. Specially the last week I felt the life being sucked up in style from my life with the comments from my senior, "Take it as a challenge Gangeyyo" making a very little change with the motivation. I felt like giving it up many a times but the ego did not permit. So lumping the information, stretching the upper limit to an extent that it pains, getting to hear "Have you forgotten us?" from parents over the phone, the return journey in the last metro, I somehow managed to complete the design drawings and send it today.
Well the experience was good to say the least. Apart from the engineering, I came to know about many people who make the organization what it actually is. Some people stay reluctant to do a certain job, some co-operate, some pass on the responsibility and some feel eager to explain you what they know and a smart worker is the one who can extract and utilize each of the traits to the maximum and get the job done accordingly. That is precisely how the organization works.
And as I type the last lines of the paragraph, I don't feel that bad anymore.

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