Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thou Ball is back on thy foot??

Bengalis have a special inborn affection for football. And being a bengali same was bound to happen with me. I was never an avid follower of the games be it national or international, I never kept track of the EPL or the players but I loved playing football and recently found out that I still do.
Job takes away a lot of things from us. We tend to forget things we love doing, and become machines in the hands of the protocol. Our mind seldom pictures anything outside the regular clockwork. Some of my friends still pursue their interests in spite of being tied by a regular office schedule, for which I always appreciate them from my very inside.
Ever since the news of the inter-department football tournament started diffusing in the air, I was looking forward to it with great anticipation. And this friday was our first match, and yesterday was the second match. Let me tell you the results first. We won both the games. Both 1-0.
It was a perfect way to vent out all the negative energy accumulated during this entire week.
Friday's match was against RLBU. The team was desperate to win the match as it was their second and they had lost their first match. So a lot of pushing and pulling and sliding and sledging were on the cards. And on the other hand, out team was completely new one, with 4-5 players joining the seniors who had played together last year. Whatever it was after an intense first half both the teams were tied at 0-0. After the half-time we got more of the possession as the passes went straight to those for whom they were meant to be. Someone from the other side had kicked the ball out and it was our turn to throw. It was about 15 yards from their goal and I decided to throw inside the D so that someone could head it past the goalkeeper. Harsharan came in front and asked for the ball, I threw it to him and he gave it back to me. Without stopping it I kicked it inside the D area intending to find Sudeep Sir (an expert header). But the shot misfired and it seemed as if it was headed outside. Someone from the other team even shouted "Abbe chod de, bahar jaa rhi hai". But quiet amazingly and reminding us of the Ronaldinho rainbow kick, the ball dropped just enough to pass through the upper right corner. 1-0. It was an amazing feeling.It was like an unexpected guest had bought you your favorite gift. After that we whiled away the time by passing the ball among us and defending the lead. Finally we won.
Yesterdays match was against LTMHI. The Tamil brigade. We had earlier faced them in our second cricket match in which we were beaten quiet comprehensively and ousted from the tournament. It was time for some revengeful action. They are among the fittest employees that LnT Faridabad has and it was going to be a strong challenge. Thanks to our proactive and agile goalkeeper, the first half went goalless with the ball meandering in our half. The second half started with a new formation and a goal came in no time. Partha passed the ball inside D from the left wing and Nishant gave the crucial finishing touch and GOALLL!!..
We knew we had won as our defense was formidable when all players got back. The rest of the time was passed around just like the ball.
Football inspires me. That first drop of sweat from the side of the ear and feeling it flow down to the shoulders knowing that many more are going to flow and wet me up to get me going and snatch the victory inspires me. I hope the story of success continues in the next matches.

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