Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Rock is Back

well well.. let the clouds pass away.. let the birds fly away to their respective dream jobs and let the little school child make that incorrigible mistake while tying his shoe laces.. but what drives the bullock cart forward is not that shitty old wheel but the smell of clay.. I may not be making any sense to many, but what A superb feel...

As you tune in the guitar to the amplifier kept very close to your eardrums along with the rear-drums and you change patches to reach the desired tone and holding the strings tight you get up, breathe and get your ears ready to hear that very first strike.. the very first sound that comes out ad you make your presence felt in that world of yours and raise that middle finger to all the crap that has come your way, what A feel..
Courtesy L&T, rather some beautiful people in L&T, the Rock is back..
Its only the second day that we've played in a sound-proof heaven of a room but it has already set my pulse rating.. 21st July will be the day, when, if everything goes according to the plan, we will play in front of a good 900 people as a Rock Band.. The Curly Bros.
Very much, Beryy Much, looking forward to it!!..
PS. Anamol, Sharique and Nijeesh dude... \m/ 

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el Magnifico said...

Wish we had a little more time.