Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Rock is Back

well well.. let the clouds pass away.. let the birds fly away to their respective dream jobs and let the little school child make that incorrigible mistake while tying his shoe laces.. but what drives the bullock cart forward is not that shitty old wheel but the smell of clay.. I may not be making any sense to many, but what A superb feel...

As you tune in the guitar to the amplifier kept very close to your eardrums along with the rear-drums and you change patches to reach the desired tone and holding the strings tight you get up, breathe and get your ears ready to hear that very first strike.. the very first sound that comes out ad you make your presence felt in that world of yours and raise that middle finger to all the crap that has come your way, what A feel..
Courtesy L&T, rather some beautiful people in L&T, the Rock is back..
Its only the second day that we've played in a sound-proof heaven of a room but it has already set my pulse rating.. 21st July will be the day, when, if everything goes according to the plan, we will play in front of a good 900 people as a Rock Band.. The Curly Bros.
Very much, Beryy Much, looking forward to it!!..
PS. Anamol, Sharique and Nijeesh dude... \m/ 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Drops of Pleasure

I absolutely love rains..
The very sound of drops from heaven quenching the thirst of mankind gets on my pulse..
The petrichor leaves me with a feeling of pious well being..
A few days back I had updated a status in FB, saying that rain has got to be the oldest form of entertainment and the most trusted source of pleasure and now that line comes back to me..
How true is that!!.. 
And though  the Sunday wasted (read the previous post about plans), but thats alright.. The very sight from my caged balcony of the drenched Anand Vihar gives me a high.. I can continue to watch the same sight for hours and hours and that would mean a holiday well spent..

I remember during my school days, my mum used to put an umbrella in my bag during the rainy season.. The umbrella which was never taken out.. Gaurav and I used to flunk our parents protection plans and flout our heroic gestures by getting wet in our hip Ahlcon uniforms with our colored badges shining, and walking with our heads held high on the road from the petrol pump to Kaushambi when others used to wait under the sheds for the rain to get over..
That feeling... those innocent smiles and stupidity,..  i miss them sometimes..
Happy Rains !!..

PS: Gaurav, gotta tag you dude.. badi yaad aayi achanakk..
Take Care people...

Mother Do you Think

A lazy Sunday morning....
Even the cup of tea seems deeper... Sundays generally start with a plan and generally end with a sullen sombre feeling of working through the entire week..
But as of now.. its a lazy Sunday and I will laze around..
'Mother' by their excellency Pink Floyd  is a song that sells peace.. and we buy it.. (quiet anti-Megadeth)..
It leaves me with a super duper feeling of calm and I play it in loops again and again..
Listen to know what I exactly mean..
Take care people..
Happy Sunday

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Where are the words? Where are the thoughts?. Where am I?
I often ask myself why have I stopped blogging? Why I have stopped sharing and posting random articles on randomest things occurring around?. Sometimes I feel that the think-tank has emptied...
sometimes I think too much finding it difficult to cope and resist the inevitable to happen, and sometimes too less just letting everything happen and silently observing the stories unfolding in front of my very eyes....
The latter grows dominant with every passing day and thats why I think I have stopped blogging...
This is a change, and I guess this change happens to almost everyone.. 
There comes a phase in life where we feel we can control everything happening to us.. Our actions are based on a number of choices and curved by the ones taken by us after judging all of them with our respective intellect... 
We get a huge liberty to decide what we want and how amazingly, even trivial things matter.. 
And like many phases, that too passes away.. 
And then comes the part of hard ground reality.. The sad part, the tough part which tells you how you are one among the thousands and thousands of similar people, some better than you, some worse... 
How hard you try to avoid the mechanical nature of your day but breathe a sigh of disgust every night thinking about the life you lived .. The part which punches out the blind imagination and conveys in the rudest possible way that "Nothing is under Your control.. You ass"..
I sincerely hope to pass away this phase too.. and very soon..
Take Care people!!!