Sunday, May 08, 2011

United Breweries.. ;P

Sometimes you have to crush good things to get something better...

talking about pent up emotions is a big deal indeed.. Because its never easy to clear a dirt so consolidated that it has become a part of your body.. Its like bursting balloons inside ones artery to prevent one from myocardial infarction.. But its something that needs to be done anyways to continue living..
Communication is a weapon God has given us to remain light weighed.. otherwise why the hell did some undressed, meat eaters find the need to draw stupid pictures upon their cave walls.. have you ever wondered?. why didn't they find anything worth their time?. were they stupid?. No they were not..They wanted to communicate, not only within themselves, but also with their future generations.. they wanted to put their points forward.. wanted to feel and considered important...
With time, our emotions have evolved as well.. We have started to feel more pain... I sometimes wonder why has polygamy has become more or less obsolete these days, is it because of the law or because the 1st wife has become more vocal about her feelings, sharing her only husband with another woman.. This is why communication has gained a lot of importance.. pent up emotions are not kept in the interior anymore.. they are conveyed at the right time, and to the right ears..
However difficult it seems, we should let our feelings vent out and let the other person know about our preferences.. otherwise even an insignificant small conflict today may result in a catastrophe tomorrow and we will reach a point of no return.. a point where every feeling ceases to strike the right chord... we should by any means avoid that situation to grow.. cut the problem in the bud.. And I believe that the united brewery of pain and sorrow, will be cherished for the times to come..
So Lets Speak Up..


Medhavin said...

Or alternatively, one might decide to blog it as well. It helps!! :P

PS: This comes from my personal experience! ;)

Sharad K said...

Absolutely..! Communication is the best gift endowed to us..which can solve all the problems if done in the right way..nice post dude..!..Good to see your blog post after so long..!!!..
So..Keep Talking!!..

And yes..I wrote something on communications too..Here is the link..