Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Year Ahoy!!

often this happens that I think of something.. and end up compacting it to a few lines, which finally ends up in my face-book status.. And I hate this..  The love for embellishment, gratuitous stretching of trivial things goes to the backseat due to this impolite predilection of mine.. But still man moves on with whatever he has and cares a little less about his liking and his true purpose of being..  In the pursuit of placating his circumstances he procrastinates what he really wants to do.. So face-book will gleam on..
Before I deviate, the fundamental purpose of this post is to remind me of the happenings of this year.. If I have to make a list of happening years in my life, 2010 has a place at the pinnacle.. Getting the first job after a series of rejections, the year brought a lucky charisma with it.. For the first time life got bigger.. Life went outside the pre-defined boundaries.. Into an unknown.. I had to let go off all my inhibitions.. The magnifying glass through all my actions were studied went missing.. The controls were broken.. I landed in Vadodara in July.. The place served like a nice resting ground for the adventures that were about to follow.. There we wrote the song “Lets just do it yaar” which marked the beginning of The-series of compositions...  Have you ever imagined yourself put into an exile??..  If not, then how about imagining yourself having fun in an exile??.. We packed our bags and went off to Neyveli, a small town near Chennai.. What followed was THE most exciting phase of my life.. Boozing uncontrollably at Pondicherry.. Getting dumbstruck at Ooty-beauty.. Nature fierce at Hogenakkal falls.. ghastly Pichavaram backwaters.. Shining heart Bangalore.. Never before had I travelled so much in such short span of time.. The trips were fascinating because they were ill-planned.. We decided everything then and there.. nothing was planned.. our next move was known to none of us.. Then I came back to Delhi after my final Department allocation and till now I am licking my mum’s food off my fingers daily and reviewing RCC structures in the office..
2010 is about to end and I hope 2011 gets me some stability and makes me a little more introspective and insightful..