Wednesday, October 27, 2010

That thing called Miss-ing..

Its nice to come back to a good place.. Isn't it?.. I visited my sweet home after a gap of about 3 months during the Durga Puja and it felt like heaven.. Literally.. All those things which seemed pretty ordinary when I used to live there, seemed very special.. I felt as if I was in a palace.. specially my people.. I missed them so much over the past 3months that when everything and everyone came back to me I was out of emotions.. a total blank.. I believe when we feel something very intensely, the brain refuses to generate the right actions.. There occurs a momentary lapse of reason.. The movie scenes loose validity and you realize that life is not about expressing how much you love my singing a song in the middle of a botanical garden and dancing to the tune with 37 co-dancers.. The brain gets numb when it feels intense pain, or love, or anything.. So nothing I had imagined happened.. I had thought that I will break into tears after seeing them in the airport and so will they, but a daily soap did not follow.. They were happy and I was happy.. too happy to cry.. and the one week of my stay there was not enough to get me off this feeling..
well coming back to the point...
We are leaving Neyveli next week and there is an unsaid emotion in everybody including me.. just in my case the emotion is  not untyped.. well.. I accept that I will miss Neyveli.. The thing  or the factor that makes it so hard to express this simple thing is we, ourselves.. We had hated this place right from its first sight.. Even though it was 11:30 in the night.. even though there was nothing bad in it, but still, Neyveli bore all our frustration and anger of going so far away from family.. We all had our own reasons to hate this place.. Some did not like the people, some could not accept the idea of attending a college once again.. some cursed the food, some faced problems with their flush in the latrine and all their anger were thrown at Neyveli.. and it silently bore all our anger..
But it did not take much time to tune ourselves into this city and soon we find it easier to live here and YENJOY..
you never know how a thing can touch you or attach you to itself.. human nature makes us hate it based on the first impression but the thing still remains and it works silently to imbue itself to the very existence of mankind till the point when separation becomes painful..
will miss neyveli..

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