Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here I am..

Hello blog.. This is my first post from the land where the first post office in India was set up**.. And I was waiting for a long time to get some free time to sit and pen some words for this darling blog of mine.. so here goes Here I am..
Well. to start with, Vadodara is a nice place.. Right from the first argument with the autowala, to the chat with my office bus conductor, I find this place strangely homely.. peace loving teetotalers show respect to the father of the nation by setting examples of politeness and non-violence.. No one shouts, no one fights, girls roam around freely even at 11 in the night (a feat that can only be imagined in saddi Delhi)..
People will talk in their mother tongue as if you are one of them and it feels odd to say.."uncle, gujrati nahi aati"..
The place where I live is called Fatehgunj.. its well connected to the other parts of the city.. We take auto rickshaws to tread places and till now I haven't paid more than 50 rupees to any one of them... another impossible feat in saddi Delhi.
It rains like anything in this otherwise dry state.. It drizzles day and night.. The sun has only some up twice in these two weeks.. We have actually counted that.. TWICE.. no kidding.. The 7 Seas mall is a 5 minute walk from the apartments and it has a multiplex called Fame.. This Fame has a weird thing about itself.. They extend their intermission to more than 15 minutes and in those 15 minutes, they try to sell all their food items.. "Sir, Pop Corn lenge??..".. "Sir.. Cold Drink??."... " Sir, Sandwich??..".. If you get the alley seat, you will end up cursing either yourself or that poor hocker.. Actually the system works quiet well.. The pot-bellied ones who come with their family end up buying the Cold Drink, after like 17 approaches, or 23 denials.. But Fame finds no such luck when we occupy their seats.. :).. Well.. have watched movies like Once Upon A Time In Mumbai.. OUATIM..
Well.. will write more... about all this..
my privacy has been disrupted..
take care all..