Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Fifth Season- part 1

With the announcement of the final closure of the resume manager being its latest announcement.. With 600 more candidates ready for their new account, ready to rub their asses off, ready to live this painful yet fascinating, fun-filled yet demanding, cruel yet forgiving one year of their lives, I get reminded of the times I spent logging in every single time with eyes full of expectation to find a new company.. open for my branch.. paying well.. with a cut-off lower than my divine 66.6%..  and signing out with a heavy heart most of the times with a hope to get a new, a favorable announcement very soon.. Before the memory fades away I want to paste those moments here so that the season stays evergreen in my blog-brain.. the season of ups and downs, the season of tears and joy, the season of feeling worthless and feeling gifted, the season of alcohol and cigarettes, the season which has changed the course of life for many, the fifth season, The Placement Season...
TCE.. Tata Consulting Engineers.. The story starts here.. Month of August.. 2009.. The fresh new formals were to be worn.. The new polished shoes were to be flaunted for the first time.. The tidily combed and trimmed hair.. The clean shave..  the brisk new male perfume.. Everything had to be perfect... The jitters, the butterflies all came into existence.. Walking into the Training & Placement hall for the very first time.. The very first PPT (seemed very boring).. The fat dark Bengali HR guy trying hard to hide his Bengali accent and managing to complete the presentation in 2 hours.. Then there was the written.. The first written exam for a job!.. The exam was awful.. I never trusted my knowledge of core and it seemed like an eye-opener.. But later on I got to know that I had been short-listed for the final interview... This news brought a wave of happiness.. Felt like I almost had the job.. Felt like I was employed.. The final interview was scheduled after 2 days and it was not easy to live those two days.. Anticipating their questions.. preparing for the answers.. Reading random articles on "Interview Tips".. (they are NOT useful).. searching "sample interviews" on you-tube.. But all goes in vain when you think a lot.. The interview did not go very well.. The interviewer was not at all friendly as they always say they are.. They attacked my knowledge of core and ruined my chances of getting into TCE.. Heart breaking.. It was the first major rejection, or denial in years.. entered my shack and removed the Tie in a flash and shouted the F-word and Felt F-good... :) One down.. more to go Gangeyyo.. 
BHEL.. The first of the dream companies.. The company fixed their cut-off at 65% for "god knows what" reasons.. They short-listed me.. But only called the 70-aboves for the final interview.. I never expected to get through anyway after the assault of TCE.. So I was happy that I could avoid further humiliation.. 5 people from our branch got through BHEL.. and to tell the truth, I was jealous.. !!.. 2 down.. 
ZS Associates.. My dream company.. Pradipt Sir's company.. Pradipt Sir was my next door neighbor during third year.. He got through ZS and I spent quiet some time listening to his experiences in the interview process.. Used to ask him the same questions every time.. just changed the format.. Like, "Yeh GD kaise hota hai??".. and "Sir, GD mushkil hota hai kya??".. and the poor fellow used to answer to all my queries very patiently.. well ZS was no joke.. It was not as easy as I imagined it to be.. Someone from the US came to present the placement talk and it was difficult to catch his words specially without subtitles.. The written consisted of two question about why ZS and why me??.. I neglected them and concentrated on the DI and the math questions that followed.. I did not get through the written.. The first two answers carried a lot of weight.. Another heart break.. This time a dream shattered.. 3 down Gangeyyo.. more to come..