Sunday, May 02, 2010

Potpourri of Thoughts...

Hello check 123.. check 123.. aah.. :) It's working!!.. its working!!.. After many failed attempts to be back here and blabber.. after churning the brain with a purpose to bring a worthy topic to write.. after challenging my lazy fingers, I have decided to post this. (I'm not going to draft it..whatever happens).. A lot of things have been going around off lately.. and my blogging speed was not enough to keep up.. whateva.!!.
To start with.. I have got another job.. this time @ Reliance Infrastructure..(the other was LnT).. With this, my ornamented placement season ended (was planning to write a placement account.. rather an account of my failures.. ;P).. This has added to the confusion.. Freedom of choice is not a freedom at all.. Specially for confused souls (like yours truly).. People around me(the elders) have their own point of view and they want me to work accordingly.. They never help reach to any solution.. They just say!!...
Life has strange ways to show you that Life's strange.. You prepare for something and in the end get something else.. After devoting (ideally speaking) one full year towards the preparation of MBA entrance tests and bleeding like a pig in each one of them, I got to know that I had incidentally got 96%ile in GATE.. Something must have gone wrong with the results I thought at first.. Applied in IIT Bombay and Delhi and I am excited to fly to Mumbai this 11th of May.. but not at all excited to face the interview...
The college is about to end.. The session has been extended and so is our stay in the college.. I don't expect to get a very good farewell from the college.. Don't even think there will be any Hostel Night.. Want it to end in a peaceful way and I will be happy with that..
The classes have now become a farce practice.. We prefer to stay in the hostel while the day-schis attend every class.. The project work is on hold because we just found out that the Rs 2,50,000 permeameter had not been installed properly.. Waiting for the engineer to come and fix it.. We are investigating the effects of Organic Pollutants on the permeability of fine grained soils... Isn't it fascinating??. ;) 
Well.. Will write soon.. about more things..
TATA till then.. :) A lazy sunday afternoon.. !!

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