Thursday, March 18, 2010

The new alignment

""Hey.. Hey hey.. I wanna be a rockstar"".. i just love this song.. right from the very first time I heard it (2nd semester), till today, i never miss a chance to accompany chad kroegar while he sings this line.. well life has been new off lately.. being a part (however small) of a mega protest staged by the entire college and boycotting the university exams, screwing the management entrance tests bigtime, having nothing huge to do but still keeping busy precisely sums up everything thats going on..
changed the alignment of my room after a looong time.. this thing is in my genes i guess.. being the son of a gifted interior decorator (untrained but hugely experienced = my MA.. :) i get this special good feeling every time i do it.. it lifted the mood and got me down to write this piece..
"" i'll be watching.. i'll be waiting.. in the shadows.. """... love this one too..
well nothing much to blabber.. so i better save the energy and keep the place green..
take care people.. and if u getting bored.. change the alignment.. IT WILL HELP.. best wishes..