Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Sad Post..

Sometimes we get no time to sit back and think about our deeds (misdeeds), our course of action gets no direction, we live each day the way it comes to us.. we stop caring about the past, about the future,.. but wait.. these words may sound familiar.. it generally follows by the very obvious line.. "Live in the present".. But that is where the problem zygotes.. that is where we deviate from the ideal intended meaning of that famous saying... This has been the case for last two months..
well.. when I sit back and think what in the world did I do in the bygone 60 days, I get many answers.. but none of them seem worthy enough to explain.. I can't even explain them to myself.. Even though I got bored every single day, but still I think that time ran very fast..
Experienced Delhi's coldest winter in years.. wore two jackets over a sweater, a shirt and an inner and looked like a swollen balloon.. got drenched in extreme feelings time and again.. took care of mum who underwent Angioplasty.. faced management entrance exams (no luck with them).. got selected in a company.. but the saddest feeling which caught hold of all other feelings was that of leaving the college in a few months time.. The four year period is about to end and this is a huge roughage fact... hard to digest.. went to college on a few occasions.. found a higher number of unknown faces.. found a newer version of college.. How true, that a college is made by the people in it.. a few years from now, my college will no more recognize me.. sob sob!!... :-(
Same feelings cropped up while leaving school and they soon vanished once I got into college.. so I hope my sobs won't last very long this time as well..
will soon post something other than this.. last sem has to rock.. and has to rock hard.. will keep posting..
adios till then..  


Gangeyyo said...
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Eccentricallyquirky said...

same here... I for one have been wasting like a wastrel these two months.. and the college no longer looks belonging with the new crowd... the college looks way too crowded for one on top of that new faces... dunno how the four years swished by... last sem will be memorable and nostalgic...its the beginning of the end and the beginning of beginnings... :( it gets sad every time you get down to thinking of the time we have left here in this place...

Hiral Trivedi said...

Well, if I sit back and try to figure what exactly have I done or achieved in past 10 years, I feel like drowning myself. :P