Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Year Ahoy!!

often this happens that I think of something.. and end up compacting it to a few lines, which finally ends up in my face-book status.. And I hate this..  The love for embellishment, gratuitous stretching of trivial things goes to the backseat due to this impolite predilection of mine.. But still man moves on with whatever he has and cares a little less about his liking and his true purpose of being..  In the pursuit of placating his circumstances he procrastinates what he really wants to do.. So face-book will gleam on..
Before I deviate, the fundamental purpose of this post is to remind me of the happenings of this year.. If I have to make a list of happening years in my life, 2010 has a place at the pinnacle.. Getting the first job after a series of rejections, the year brought a lucky charisma with it.. For the first time life got bigger.. Life went outside the pre-defined boundaries.. Into an unknown.. I had to let go off all my inhibitions.. The magnifying glass through all my actions were studied went missing.. The controls were broken.. I landed in Vadodara in July.. The place served like a nice resting ground for the adventures that were about to follow.. There we wrote the song “Lets just do it yaar” which marked the beginning of The-series of compositions...  Have you ever imagined yourself put into an exile??..  If not, then how about imagining yourself having fun in an exile??.. We packed our bags and went off to Neyveli, a small town near Chennai.. What followed was THE most exciting phase of my life.. Boozing uncontrollably at Pondicherry.. Getting dumbstruck at Ooty-beauty.. Nature fierce at Hogenakkal falls.. ghastly Pichavaram backwaters.. Shining heart Bangalore.. Never before had I travelled so much in such short span of time.. The trips were fascinating because they were ill-planned.. We decided everything then and there.. nothing was planned.. our next move was known to none of us.. Then I came back to Delhi after my final Department allocation and till now I am licking my mum’s food off my fingers daily and reviewing RCC structures in the office..
2010 is about to end and I hope 2011 gets me some stability and makes me a little more introspective and insightful..  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preposterous Malfunction

This incident happened to one of my closest friends.. and since he's too shy or rather ashamed to disclose this in public, I put this up before he files the copyright...(he doesn't have a blog anyways..) let it be a narrative.. and a piece for grammar-spelling-non-perfectionist.. :P

WHY??.. just why do I love cycle rickshaws??..
It has to be in my genes..
I and Mansi have been dating for past 7 months.. ummm.. yeah... 7 months and 22 days.. people at my place know that I have been subjected to something new.. My frequent mood swings.. the phone glued to my ear.. the not being so cool anymore thing.. My sister never misses to pull my legs on occasions I show total dumbness.. She expects that I retort, just like the way I used to do.. She expects some reaction out of me.. Why does everybody expect reaction out of me??.. Can't I be stable??.. well.. so she expects some reaction or funny words on which she can laugh the entire day... Well I love my sister,.. but those words don't come out anymore.. Shit comes out in place of words.. 
just like it came out of the rickshaw-wala.. 
lets come back.. to the scene.. no.. later,, lets build the scene.. 
So the thing I told you about.. Mansi and I have been dating for a long time now.. We are good people you know.. the ones with all the love involved..  We make sure that we say I Love You to each other at least thrice everyday.. I wonder how people in the west handle dating, without even saying I love You.. In my case, Mansi didn’t even agree to meet me for a coffee until I proposed.. But the sad part is, coffee never graduated to anything else.. I was getting bored of Baristas and Lavazzas and CCDs and everything.. Even though I couldn’t tell her this, but I was kind of getting bored with everything around..  I missed the fun me..
Coffee never graduated.. And I should have stopped the rickshaw-wala well before..
“Kill me or Kick me.. but please kiss me once..”, I pleaded..
God knows from where I got that line.. and so, it didn’t work.. we were sitting in the Barista at Janpath.. Even the Manipuri waiter knew my name.. and hers too.. Mansi madame.. and bhaiya.. I once asked him to call me sir.. and in lieu of that he demanded some extra tip.. Bhaiya sounds cool isn’t it.. We have been fighting over some a very meagre topic.. “Why I hate bananas??”.. and because of this, I Love You was said only twice, the previous day.. So madam was hot.. She is!!..
I had thought about this conversation before in my mind and I was expertly steering it in my accordance..
“Nhi Yaar.. No kisses.. I don’t like it.. You asked me to hold hands, and I did na???.. Now kiss??..  Its a big step Pratap..”.. she said with a simple gesture of the most beautiful hands and minimal movement of those heaven eyes.. I get caught and bowled every time.. But not this time.. I was the driver here...

“Big Step??. No I don’t think so.. Our minds and our souls have accepted each other.. Now Body!!”.., I said with confidence in my voice..
She started laughing.. she choked.. she coughed.. she laughed again.. but in a majestically beautiful way.. She was again deviating me from my seriousness.. But not this time...
I was not moved.. I didn’t laugh at all.. not even a smile.. Instead I looked straight into her eyes and said..
“I Love You Mansi, and I love you a lot..”.. I said like I mean it.. I MEAN IT..
Her smile vanished.. She must have been stunned at the sudden seriousness of the situation and the person in front of her.. She looked innocent and was clueless of what to say and what to do.. I felt like kissing her right on those artistically carved lips then and there..
“Hmm...” was her reply... another imaginary kiss..
“okay.. A kiss is fine.. Its not that I haven’t thought about it Pratap.. but I don’t want to do it in a public place.. I want it to be special for both of us.. I want it to flow naturally.. and then only we can derive the required pleasure out of it..”. she said as I was planting my 53rd kiss..
I really didn’t listen anything after the first line.. I had been successful to drive her safely to my den.. I just watched her.. Like those desperate housewife’s husband in blue line busses.. Meaningless ogling.. and I didn’t feel cheap at all..
So of the many topics we discussed about how this lack of kissing is resulting in the increased frequency of our fights.. and how to kiss.. and when to kiss.. where to kiss.. everything bore fruits...
It was decided that I will go to her place the next day when her parents go out to attend her cousin’s marriage.. She will stay back at her place.. I was overjoyed.. I called up Gangeyyo and narrated him the news.. He didn’t want to listen but I was heavily overjoyed..
Her parents were supposed to leave home at 7:00 pm..
I couldn’t have wasted even a single minute.. I got ready.. Gelled my hair.. Perfumed my armpits... :P.. ( am I not descriptive!!), got kiss ready..
So now...
The scene....
I got down at RK Puram bus stand at 6:45.. I knew I was early and I waited for her call signalling her parents exit from the crime scene.. They didn’t get out till 7:15.. and I hated waiting.. She called and the light turned green..
I took a rickshaw.. and his name was criminal.
I gave him the address and he said he knew it..
He said he knew it...
Never did I imagine that if something is not to happen at all, then its impossible to make it happen by force.. if coffee doesn’t want to graduate, we should be satisfied with it..
Mr. Criminal( call him C) stopped at a red light.. and a car stopped just beside us.. he looked at the address page and asked the gentleman in the car about it.. He read it twice and looked at me.. the light had turned green by then and he gave the paper back to C and asked him to stop after the red light.. I admired the man.. He had an overwhelming willingness to help after all.. Then he got out of his car and asked me to get down.. I got down and he asked for what purpose do I need to visit this house.. The question was funny.. I thought about telling him the true purpose but god didn’t want to screw me to that extent.. I asked him why was he so curious to know.. and while asking this, I didn’t display my politeness..  He took out his phone and dialled a number.. While the phone rang at the other end, he said the most terrible words I’d ever heard in my life..
“It’s MY house”..
Hells broke loose.. I started sweating in that cool November evening... Mansi picked up.. Her voice sounded good.. He switched the loudspeaker on and stared at me..
I was not in a position to make sense of whatever that was going on.. I surrendered my fate to the one who wrote it.. Mansi said I was Pratima’s brother, who needed to borrow some books of 3rd semester.. I was thrown in the backseat of his car.. C was paid less.. I shouted all those slangs they teach during ragging.. I smeared him with the best known bad words.. but silently.. he was smarter than Mansi’s father and I think he got hold of whatever that was going on, judging by the sudden mood swing I had.. It showed on my face..
We reached the “Gupta’s”.. She brought me a glass of water.. I think she smiled once and her eyes were teasing me... I kissed her again.. I just couldn’t stop.. I smelt like a perfume factory and looked like a party freak contrary to the surrounding I was in.. This is what is called Weird.. I asked for another glass of water and received another smile.. She got another kiss..
Mr Gupta dropped me at the same red light from where he picked me up..
As I took another rickshaw.. and asked him to take me to the RK Puram bus stop as the phone rang once again...
MANSI LANDLINE.. calling...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

That thing called Miss-ing..

Its nice to come back to a good place.. Isn't it?.. I visited my sweet home after a gap of about 3 months during the Durga Puja and it felt like heaven.. Literally.. All those things which seemed pretty ordinary when I used to live there, seemed very special.. I felt as if I was in a palace.. specially my people.. I missed them so much over the past 3months that when everything and everyone came back to me I was out of emotions.. a total blank.. I believe when we feel something very intensely, the brain refuses to generate the right actions.. There occurs a momentary lapse of reason.. The movie scenes loose validity and you realize that life is not about expressing how much you love my singing a song in the middle of a botanical garden and dancing to the tune with 37 co-dancers.. The brain gets numb when it feels intense pain, or love, or anything.. So nothing I had imagined happened.. I had thought that I will break into tears after seeing them in the airport and so will they, but a daily soap did not follow.. They were happy and I was happy.. too happy to cry.. and the one week of my stay there was not enough to get me off this feeling..
well coming back to the point...
We are leaving Neyveli next week and there is an unsaid emotion in everybody including me.. just in my case the emotion is  not untyped.. well.. I accept that I will miss Neyveli.. The thing  or the factor that makes it so hard to express this simple thing is we, ourselves.. We had hated this place right from its first sight.. Even though it was 11:30 in the night.. even though there was nothing bad in it, but still, Neyveli bore all our frustration and anger of going so far away from family.. We all had our own reasons to hate this place.. Some did not like the people, some could not accept the idea of attending a college once again.. some cursed the food, some faced problems with their flush in the latrine and all their anger were thrown at Neyveli.. and it silently bore all our anger..
But it did not take much time to tune ourselves into this city and soon we find it easier to live here and YENJOY..
you never know how a thing can touch you or attach you to itself.. human nature makes us hate it based on the first impression but the thing still remains and it works silently to imbue itself to the very existence of mankind till the point when separation becomes painful..
will miss neyveli..

Friday, October 22, 2010

Confessions of a Lazy Ass

With a serious hope that the newly designed template will draw my own interest towards my own blog, I start writing this piece.. Dunno how far will this go...
Sometimes when I walk back from the main market with Ketan to our guest house, and we both ponder about the things that has happened to us over this short period of time, I feel amazed.. A boy who hadn't even stepped out of the circle with a parents-decided radius, was roaming the streets of a remote area, a place never heard or thought about.. Gujarat, Neyveli, Puducherry, Ooty, Hogenakkal, Bangaluru... I can now proudly say, I have been to places this all time.. and it feels like I've been doing this for a long time.. 
Well.. for those who care to know, or by mistake has reached this place (my untouched blog), for your information, I am in a place called Neyveli.. Its in Tamil Nadu.. 4 hours from Chennai.. And I have been here since September.. 
The blogging is gone.. And the credit goes to Facebook.. All that comes to my mind.. (he he... all that).. goes to the status updates.. Now who will care to open another tab.. another website.. and log in once again... and then type a full big post.. then care for the grammar and the spellings..??.. a BIG task.. I did not.. I preferred the easier one.. so .. whatever pours, sours facebook..
I have got a new companion.. and let me tell you, she ( i prefer calling it a she) gets a huge amount of attention.. I just cannot get over her.. She keeps me busy all the time and doesn't even let me sleep at night.. Mr. Dell got me mine.. :).. I waste my time with pride.. I indulge in non-sense with the minimum possible guilt..
I will be in Delhi for the whole of next month.. We are leaving Neyveli on 3rd November for another training at Faridabad from 8th.. So very much looking forward to it.. and also looking forward to some more posts.. 
good bye..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here I am..

Hello blog.. This is my first post from the land where the first post office in India was set up**.. And I was waiting for a long time to get some free time to sit and pen some words for this darling blog of mine.. so here goes Here I am..
Well. to start with, Vadodara is a nice place.. Right from the first argument with the autowala, to the chat with my office bus conductor, I find this place strangely homely.. peace loving teetotalers show respect to the father of the nation by setting examples of politeness and non-violence.. No one shouts, no one fights, girls roam around freely even at 11 in the night (a feat that can only be imagined in saddi Delhi)..
People will talk in their mother tongue as if you are one of them and it feels odd to say.."uncle, gujrati nahi aati"..
The place where I live is called Fatehgunj.. its well connected to the other parts of the city.. We take auto rickshaws to tread places and till now I haven't paid more than 50 rupees to any one of them... another impossible feat in saddi Delhi.
It rains like anything in this otherwise dry state.. It drizzles day and night.. The sun has only some up twice in these two weeks.. We have actually counted that.. TWICE.. no kidding.. The 7 Seas mall is a 5 minute walk from the apartments and it has a multiplex called Fame.. This Fame has a weird thing about itself.. They extend their intermission to more than 15 minutes and in those 15 minutes, they try to sell all their food items.. "Sir, Pop Corn lenge??..".. "Sir.. Cold Drink??."... " Sir, Sandwich??..".. If you get the alley seat, you will end up cursing either yourself or that poor hocker.. Actually the system works quiet well.. The pot-bellied ones who come with their family end up buying the Cold Drink, after like 17 approaches, or 23 denials.. But Fame finds no such luck when we occupy their seats.. :).. Well.. have watched movies like Once Upon A Time In Mumbai.. OUATIM..
Well.. will write more... about all this..
my privacy has been disrupted..
take care all..

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Fifth Season- part 1

With the announcement of the final closure of the resume manager being its latest announcement.. With 600 more candidates ready for their new account, ready to rub their asses off, ready to live this painful yet fascinating, fun-filled yet demanding, cruel yet forgiving one year of their lives, I get reminded of the times I spent logging in every single time with eyes full of expectation to find a new company.. open for my branch.. paying well.. with a cut-off lower than my divine 66.6%..  and signing out with a heavy heart most of the times with a hope to get a new, a favorable announcement very soon.. Before the memory fades away I want to paste those moments here so that the season stays evergreen in my blog-brain.. the season of ups and downs, the season of tears and joy, the season of feeling worthless and feeling gifted, the season of alcohol and cigarettes, the season which has changed the course of life for many, the fifth season, The Placement Season...
TCE.. Tata Consulting Engineers.. The story starts here.. Month of August.. 2009.. The fresh new formals were to be worn.. The new polished shoes were to be flaunted for the first time.. The tidily combed and trimmed hair.. The clean shave..  the brisk new male perfume.. Everything had to be perfect... The jitters, the butterflies all came into existence.. Walking into the Training & Placement hall for the very first time.. The very first PPT (seemed very boring).. The fat dark Bengali HR guy trying hard to hide his Bengali accent and managing to complete the presentation in 2 hours.. Then there was the written.. The first written exam for a job!.. The exam was awful.. I never trusted my knowledge of core and it seemed like an eye-opener.. But later on I got to know that I had been short-listed for the final interview... This news brought a wave of happiness.. Felt like I almost had the job.. Felt like I was employed.. The final interview was scheduled after 2 days and it was not easy to live those two days.. Anticipating their questions.. preparing for the answers.. Reading random articles on "Interview Tips".. (they are NOT useful).. searching "sample interviews" on you-tube.. But all goes in vain when you think a lot.. The interview did not go very well.. The interviewer was not at all friendly as they always say they are.. They attacked my knowledge of core and ruined my chances of getting into TCE.. Heart breaking.. It was the first major rejection, or denial in years.. entered my shack and removed the Tie in a flash and shouted the F-word and Felt F-good... :) One down.. more to go Gangeyyo.. 
BHEL.. The first of the dream companies.. The company fixed their cut-off at 65% for "god knows what" reasons.. They short-listed me.. But only called the 70-aboves for the final interview.. I never expected to get through anyway after the assault of TCE.. So I was happy that I could avoid further humiliation.. 5 people from our branch got through BHEL.. and to tell the truth, I was jealous.. !!.. 2 down.. 
ZS Associates.. My dream company.. Pradipt Sir's company.. Pradipt Sir was my next door neighbor during third year.. He got through ZS and I spent quiet some time listening to his experiences in the interview process.. Used to ask him the same questions every time.. just changed the format.. Like, "Yeh GD kaise hota hai??".. and "Sir, GD mushkil hota hai kya??".. and the poor fellow used to answer to all my queries very patiently.. well ZS was no joke.. It was not as easy as I imagined it to be.. Someone from the US came to present the placement talk and it was difficult to catch his words specially without subtitles.. The written consisted of two question about why ZS and why me??.. I neglected them and concentrated on the DI and the math questions that followed.. I did not get through the written.. The first two answers carried a lot of weight.. Another heart break.. This time a dream shattered.. 3 down Gangeyyo.. more to come..         

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Potpourri of Thoughts...

Hello check 123.. check 123.. aah.. :) It's working!!.. its working!!.. After many failed attempts to be back here and blabber.. after churning the brain with a purpose to bring a worthy topic to write.. after challenging my lazy fingers, I have decided to post this. (I'm not going to draft it..whatever happens).. A lot of things have been going around off lately.. and my blogging speed was not enough to keep up.. whateva.!!.
To start with.. I have got another job.. this time @ Reliance Infrastructure..(the other was LnT).. With this, my ornamented placement season ended (was planning to write a placement account.. rather an account of my failures.. ;P).. This has added to the confusion.. Freedom of choice is not a freedom at all.. Specially for confused souls (like yours truly).. People around me(the elders) have their own point of view and they want me to work accordingly.. They never help reach to any solution.. They just say!!...
Life has strange ways to show you that Life's strange.. You prepare for something and in the end get something else.. After devoting (ideally speaking) one full year towards the preparation of MBA entrance tests and bleeding like a pig in each one of them, I got to know that I had incidentally got 96%ile in GATE.. Something must have gone wrong with the results I thought at first.. Applied in IIT Bombay and Delhi and I am excited to fly to Mumbai this 11th of May.. but not at all excited to face the interview...
The college is about to end.. The session has been extended and so is our stay in the college.. I don't expect to get a very good farewell from the college.. Don't even think there will be any Hostel Night.. Want it to end in a peaceful way and I will be happy with that..
The classes have now become a farce practice.. We prefer to stay in the hostel while the day-schis attend every class.. The project work is on hold because we just found out that the Rs 2,50,000 permeameter had not been installed properly.. Waiting for the engineer to come and fix it.. We are investigating the effects of Organic Pollutants on the permeability of fine grained soils... Isn't it fascinating??. ;) 
Well.. Will write soon.. about more things..
TATA till then.. :) A lazy sunday afternoon.. !!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The new alignment

""Hey.. Hey hey.. I wanna be a rockstar"".. i just love this song.. right from the very first time I heard it (2nd semester), till today, i never miss a chance to accompany chad kroegar while he sings this line.. well life has been new off lately.. being a part (however small) of a mega protest staged by the entire college and boycotting the university exams, screwing the management entrance tests bigtime, having nothing huge to do but still keeping busy precisely sums up everything thats going on..
changed the alignment of my room after a looong time.. this thing is in my genes i guess.. being the son of a gifted interior decorator (untrained but hugely experienced = my MA.. :) i get this special good feeling every time i do it.. it lifted the mood and got me down to write this piece..
"" i'll be watching.. i'll be waiting.. in the shadows.. """... love this one too..
well nothing much to blabber.. so i better save the energy and keep the place green..
take care people.. and if u getting bored.. change the alignment.. IT WILL HELP.. best wishes..

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ever since the Nescafe has been added to our daily college life, I have been wondering what is so special about this piece of bread…*CROISSANT*  Is it the fancy name with the corrected pronunciation?? Or is it the soft and smooth sensation that it brings with itself.. But what I think is, it’s the unique taste that matters… Of everything that we taste regularly, nothing tastes like Croissant, except the Croissant.. Its true.. Every time it touches the taste buds, I feel something new has entered.. Something inimitable…
Well….  Pity the writers of the HT City… The celeb writers.. They seem to be more like a boy given a ginormous gift like Mercedes’ Benz on his 10th birthday… They get a full column that features in the front page of a popular city newspaper and all they do is fill it with arbitrary stray stuffs.. Picking up random matters and prattle about it all through the column.. But they are not to blame.. They get paid for their blabbers.. Why ask them to write at all??.. I don’t think that many of us idolize them.. We can now clearly differentiate between a good film actor and a good writer.. Gone are those days when people would believe anything because a movie star vouches for it..
Everyday, we start off from our shack and return via the same road.. The road is meant to stay and we are meant to budge… It gives the sense of what is real and what is not.. We try to make the most of the time we have got, and once we return back, we realize the time just slipped away.. the way it’s meant to.. Witnessed Engifest’10 and there was not a single second that didn’t pinch to remind me that this is the last of my Engifests… I responded by crafting resolutions of having full fun.. Making the most of the time.. But when it came down to the event, it just came and went away.. in a flash.. Resolutions, Plans, held ground and we just got in the groove of the festival.. Now its’ gone.. And gone are the two months of my last semester.. and I feel like this post is going the same direction as the last.. So steering back….
I have started watching the OC (Orange County).. It’s nice.. But I often get down to envy their lavish life and their freedom.. Come on.. When I was sixteen, my mum used to stand beside, whenever there was a girl on the other side of the telephone.. and here, Ryan brings his girl friend to his room and kiss her without even caring about the unbolted door.. Two extremes of a common phenomenon.. And here again, demarcation between the real and unreal is drawn..
Well… life off lately has been like a Croissant.. soft but  with a new taste.. taste of separation.. (not again!!!.. steer back).. take care people.. summer is back.. and unlike in “the OC”, it is not as welcomed here… but it’s fun to sweat out the salts..

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Sad Post..

Sometimes we get no time to sit back and think about our deeds (misdeeds), our course of action gets no direction, we live each day the way it comes to us.. we stop caring about the past, about the future,.. but wait.. these words may sound familiar.. it generally follows by the very obvious line.. "Live in the present".. But that is where the problem zygotes.. that is where we deviate from the ideal intended meaning of that famous saying... This has been the case for last two months..
well.. when I sit back and think what in the world did I do in the bygone 60 days, I get many answers.. but none of them seem worthy enough to explain.. I can't even explain them to myself.. Even though I got bored every single day, but still I think that time ran very fast..
Experienced Delhi's coldest winter in years.. wore two jackets over a sweater, a shirt and an inner and looked like a swollen balloon.. got drenched in extreme feelings time and again.. took care of mum who underwent Angioplasty.. faced management entrance exams (no luck with them).. got selected in a company.. but the saddest feeling which caught hold of all other feelings was that of leaving the college in a few months time.. The four year period is about to end and this is a huge roughage fact... hard to digest.. went to college on a few occasions.. found a higher number of unknown faces.. found a newer version of college.. How true, that a college is made by the people in it.. a few years from now, my college will no more recognize me.. sob sob!!... :-(
Same feelings cropped up while leaving school and they soon vanished once I got into college.. so I hope my sobs won't last very long this time as well..
will soon post something other than this.. last sem has to rock.. and has to rock hard.. will keep posting..
adios till then..  

Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010

As the clock is all set to bring all it's three sticks to 12 and 2009 will just cross it's expiry period, and as the crackers outside are reciting the happy poems of many and singing good wishes for everybody, I sit alone in this room of mine thinking about the amazingly eventful year that I lived.. This was the year of love, year of heartbreaks, year of new findings, year of self realization, year of getting matured.. a lot indeed.. It had enough to be remembered forever..
Hope 2010 brings a little stability.. Gives me a nice break.. Calms me down a bit.. Takes care of Mum and Dad's health..
Even though it seems that the year vroomed away in no time, but I had a long year indeed..