Saturday, November 28, 2009

Piranha's Lounge

There are things that we always wonder why happen at all... We get amazed that how can this thing happen to anyone.. But if this amazes you, you will get a shock when those very things happen to you... I don't know whether I make sense or not.. but those who have experienced the same feeling, needs no explanation of this fact.. Life shows us all.. everything that we see around, that we think has a rare possibility of happening to us, can occur any day, any time..
well.. life has been Topsy Turvy the past few months.. A lot of things happening at the same time.. A lot means a lot.. Campus Recruitment, CAT, End Semester woes, special people, special friends, everybody is letting me feel their respective presence..
Back in college, the end semester is about to end this monday.. And another herd of exams will be soon visiting.. The December opening of our college placement has been welcomed by all.. The Nescafe and the Coffe Day express have added shine to our otherwise happening hostel... They remain open till 4 in the night and the starved-due-to-mess-food and bored-of-chachi people of the college line up to fill their tummies with relatively tastier and newer food items.. Macroni, Pasta, Croissant, everything is in the offering and they ensure a visit to the ATM b4 coming to them... The exams were more like T20s.. Minimal preparation, 3 hours brain.. and done..
A holiday is on the cards.. To a calm place, thats what I need right now.. But just as the thing that I mentioned in the starting, some lines unfold their true meanings and you see yourself as a part of it's appropriateness..
"Miles to go Before I sleep...Miles to go before I sleep.."..
take care all..
love the winters..
miss the summers.. .