Sunday, September 27, 2009

Delhi's Durga Puja

This was the 7th time I was celebrating Durga Puja in Delhi.. 
And for the first time I got an opportunity to visit the pandals other than our own colony puja.. 
Actually, every year we make plans to go out, but end up getting involved in the local puja.. But this year, it was unlike..

We first headed to Chittaranjan Park..
Navapalli Durgostav was our first halt.. As I started walking towards the puja, watched people stationed in lines, Bengali flowing out ubiquitously, for one pint of time I justly sensed I was walking the streets of Kolkata.. The animation, the verve, the charisma was the so alike..

The display was nice..                  ...the NAVPALLI DURGA PUJA...

Then came CR PARK, Kalimandir Puja Committee’s Durga Puja.. We were greeted by the huge mass.. Had to situate in a long line, without getting tired.. 


A troop from West Bengal’s Birbhum were performing tribal dance.. an awesome performance,. I wish I could stand there a little longer, but CR Park Co-Operative Ground’s Durga Puja  was next…

gigantic crowd.. long queues.. nothing could deter our spirit.. we walked slowly in the queues and reached the Pandal.. It was undoubtedly the best pratima I had seen in Delhi so far.. 

The insides of the pandal was decorated with sculptures and a perfect ambience was crafted.. The Pratima particularly was amazing.. it was hard to take my eyes off..


Then came Chittaranjan Park-I Puja.. The arrangement was lovely.. Fighting scene between Ma and Asur was depicted..


As we left CR Park, I was feeling fulfilled.. The Kolkata that I was missing for so many days, came banging back.. It is true that inhabitants call CR Park the “second kolkata”.. The vista, the panorama, the spectacle, the ambience, the Bengali parlance everywhere, the egg rolls, the jhalmuri, the fuchka.. everything carried the Kolkata feel.. and I had no problems being the utterly butterly regional Gangeyyo at that point of time.. I was proud to be a BANGALI.. like every other Bangali..

From there we headed to the oldest puja in delhi.. The one at Kashmeeri Gate.. It was started in 1910 and they were rejoicing their 100th year of being… I came to know that many prominent figures were in the organizing team of the puja and even Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was associated… We bought some Bengali CDs and books from there..


Next was Mayur Vihar’s Miloni.. It had been adjudged as the best Puja of Delhi… We reached there at the stroke of midnight but still found a decently full-size crowd.. The Sandhi Puja was going on and once again I could feel the Kolkata inside.. (excuse the repetitions..)..

We came back at 1:00am.. and after six long years, I felt like I am really celebrating the Durga Puja.. I love Delhi.. :-)   

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