Saturday, September 05, 2009

Chapter 1- -Why does Niagara fall??

24th August, Wednesday:
Hello Diary.. Another very usual Wednesday passes by.. There is something about the wednesdays that make them very boring.. there's something wrong in the name I think.. "Wednes.." well.. whatever.. Ma woke me up at 7.. Got ready by 8 and left for college.. something happened on the return journey..
After Khanna got down at Welcome, I found a seat for myself.. A seat next to the door.. And there I slept.. I slept till the train reached Dilshad Garden.. Reached home in a very non-unusual manner.. Nothing special in the bus.. But Ma was the first one to find the change.. I was carrying a different bag.. I mean it's almost like mine.. but it wasn't mine.. I opened it up and found books of psychology.. 2 of them.. newly bought.. no marks.. no scratches.. and no names.. except the books, the bag had 257 rupees, a comb and many more things.. things bout it were enough to conclude that it belongs to a girl.. my bag didn't have anything thief-worthy.. so i was not that perturbed.. But Ma scolded me for being so negligent.. even scolded me for sitting on the net till late, for which my sleep remains incomplete... well have to sleep early tonight.. it's 10:43pm.. good night diary.. i guess, "miss bag" is also getting scolded somewhere.. he he.. good night.. :)) and yess.. please give good marks to Rahul in this semester.. bye bye..

and Shekhar switched off his laptop.. Though he thought of sharing this event with Rahul, but he had to sleep early.. and even though he wished his diary good night, but he couldn't sleep that easily.. He was thinking about her, the girl, whose bag lied next to his bed.. Will she call tomorrow??.. How will she get my number??.. How does she look like??.. Isn't there any way that I can reach her??..
and he searched the bag once again.. like for the 17th time..
no clues.. no phone number except Sheena's.. he had already tried that number and found it out of service.. but he tried again.. only to listen to the operator's voice.. he listened to the full message (for the 17th time).. both in Hindi and English..
"the number you are trying to reach is temporarily out of service"..
kept the phone down..
Miss Bag was climbing over his head.. He couldn't stop imagining the girl.. He found it very fascinating to craft a girl using the objects she uses.. a game never-played-before..
The vaseline Lipguard, helped him shaping her lips, the comb gave her long curly hairs, the fair and lovely pouch lent a fair and lovely face.. her eyes, her nose.. everything was being filled..
Though he was unwilling to admit this to himself.. though he kept telling himself that this was nothing out of ordinary.. But the voice in his head were disproving his gestures.. He was feeling awkward.. this was perhaps his closest approach to any girl.. any girl!..
Hailing from an ultra-conservative family, the word love was very very close to SIN for Shekhar.. he never wanted to be around girls only because he was never let to.. not that his hormones weren't functioning properly, but his hypothalamus was seldom excited.. The first time he saw a porn movie in Ashu's hostel room, the first fluid that came out of him was his very own puke..
so.. this unknown bag had an evident impact..
so he got up the next day.. less excited.. more hopeful.. the dreams about her had soothed him a bit.. he left the house with a strange feeling.. something in the air was different..
he hesitated to share what had happened last day with anyone.. no one noticed the bag-change.. and at around 1:30 as he was sitting with Dhawal and Khanna, his phone rang...
unknown number.. (dhak dhak)..
"hi.. i think i have your bag with me.. and you have mine.."
(dhak dhak)*2
"yeah yeah yeah.. i know.. i know... hello"..
"ya.. can i have my bag back?".. bold..
"ummm... y y ya.. shh.. shh.. sure.. when??. where??."..(dhak dhak)*4.."mm.. mmay i know who's speaking?".*(dhak dhakk)*8..

(to be continued...)


Gangeyyo said...

thank you all for reading the prologue.. now this..
excuse the randomness of the grammar.. they won't be there once i hire my prive editor.. hehe..
and feel free to share ur thoughts.. roses or brickbats.. both welcome..

Swayam said...

keep it flowing.. I'm loving it... way better then most books that come out by shristi publications... plz if u want to publish this story try some other publisher...

Gangeyyo said...

thanks a lot for the appreciation.. :) i was over whelmed.. lets see how the story turns out, and then we'll decide bout publishing it.. :). and yes.. shrishti isn't doing a gr88 job.. did u read THE SUNNY SHADY LIFE??..

S... said...

i read ur story 2wice
why the title is so...?from where did niagara flow?another thing which i noted...all r shhhhh...shekhar,shruti n sheena... more thing...dere is khanna??(shocked)which means...something weird will definitely happen.(jokin)i kno it has nthin to do wid dead or livin.

anyways..nice goin..laughed inbetween..wednesdays aint good.. :)
write soon...waitin fr chapter 2:) :) :)

Gangeyyo said...

thnx a ton.. why does niagara fall??.. figure it out yourself.. cold ke bina...:P

navneet said...

u wrote it beautifully......
it make us wait for what happens next.........
write soon