Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Popping Pill..


There are times when you feel very low, when you feel that the entire world is conspiring against you, when everything you do or plan to do result in a failure even before it gets started in the right alignment...
But there are times when you feel on top of the world.. when you feel the life running through your veins with every breadth you take.. When you thank God for gifting you a splendid life.. the case with Shekhar and Shruti.. A sense of achievement when he finally held Shruti in her arms, filled his eyes with tears... The same eyes which challenged the world, challenged his own people, challenged the stringent society were now softened and calmed with the tears of joy..
"I promise I will never let you spend a single moment without that beautiful smile of yours.. I will make sure it never sways..", he whispered..
"I am happy to be with you", she replied.. concisely pretty like always..
And he hugged her even tighter.. wishing the moment never passes away.. wishing he could stop the time.. remembering the struggle they both went through to make way for this moment..
he closed his eyes with the purest of satisfaction...
(to be continued..)