Saturday, June 06, 2009

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ahh.. finally connected!!.. two months exile from the blogger's spot.. two months without the continuous exposition to the blah blah-ing world.. it felt so empty.. Well.. i finally persuaded my mother to get my mother-board fixed and here am I..
mm.. where shall i start ?.. 6th sem has gone by.. I'm finally in the final year.. Seniors have left.. The days before the exams in the hostel were indeed very specially happening.. I'm so happy for two new chirping lovebirds on the block.. (how could i ignore? whn one of them nests in the next room!!.. A+A.. he he.. ;))
I lost my darling mobile phone in mysterious circumstances.. it felt so odd when people asked,"Kaise khoya??".. and i had no answers.. for i didn't know myself how i lost it.. then came the papers.. ohh!!.. Advanced Design of RCC was the first of the fists!!.. i wud refrain from describing it.. was that supposed to be a quetion-paper for under-gradu-'ate's??.. (it ate us well no doubt).. then there were battles between the worth of studying "sewage engineering" and the same-boring-repeating inductors and capacitors with my electroniac friends.. i had a strong ground.. as the others were studying about the same thing for over 2 years.. no variation.. no changing paths.. but here we(civil-ites) were designing western and indian POTS for 'healthy' sewering.. ha ha.. the last exam on 21st marked the beginning..(in super senses) heeh..
The temperature of Delhi is reaching new mercuric heights.. having to deal with an on-site construction in these super-standard conditions, is what I'm getting trained on .. well the office work seemed very funny in the first week.. there are some people who i guess have been hired jst to sit there.. I saw one of them  finding all the pleasure in the world in jst refreshing his desktop again and again.. like around 15 times.. When he was satisfied with his ultra-refreshed desktop and saw me looking at him(was i smiling??.), he opened the 'my computer' and closed it and repeated the cycle.. Oh boy!!.. that man really had a huge role to play for his company..

I'm reading "The Kite Runner" these days and wish it never finishes.. so have further reduced my slow reading speed.. And Green Day's 21st century breakdown is on download.. 21 Guns is a very good track indeed..
well.. will soon blahh some-thing about sum-thing beacuse i want to be some-thin..

PS.. @swayam.. i searched for the advaita downloads a lot.. didn't even get a single track.. help me out!!..

TIP OF the EVENING by baba AAM-SEV::- if you want to bring about a change in your way of living, go and change your guitar strings.. and if you don't have a guitar, change your Agarbatti!!.. keep the spirit alive.. :) khao mango..jiyo apple..
god bless..!!


Anonymous said...

Thank God..that you have finally started blogging. It is my pastime of reading good stuff in the internet and had been eagerly waiting for you to write..:) is good to hear that you are in your fourth year...I simply wonder how time flies by...the last time we met,(if I am not wrong)you were just in your second year..right?

Yes most of the people are actually very productive to their companies...for they work so much!!! That is why India hasn't changed much in the last 62 years...It is still a developing country...isn't it?

That's it...I loved reading your post and hope you keep writing.

Thanks for the book's name...Even I will try to get hold of it..would be delighted if you told me a bit more about it..till then byee..:)

pri said...

well then.
the gang is back with his van.. haa..
u still an under grad.. mujhe dekh.. main toh karr chuki.. sorry for the phone.. tho i knew it..
anyways keep the blah on!!..::))

Ritesh Khanna said...

Your abeyance from the blogger world had all of us in dying anticipation to see "the supreme" strike back and here you're..BANG!!Nice composition with a blend of "magnetism"(you know what I mean) and Gangeyyo's patent humor..Must say the past 2 months was one of the most torrid time we saw."A+A+ gave us a lot of stuff to 'pfaff'(see chronicles of dementia)around,but you forgot to mention some of the other activities gone by that sustained our will to bear the crooked semester..."the day exams ended,our little tussle,birthday party".And training..ha! ha! If nobody hires me as a manager I might as well end up entering 'limca book of world records' for refreshing the page myriad times..A few hiccups here and there to an otherwise stupendous read..

Gangeyyo said...

seriusly.. even i at times think about the flying time.. you've also moved into Xth.. all the best for that!!..
keep reading..

Gangeyyo said...

van??.. my PJs seem to have affected you the most.. well.. all for the good..
keep smiling,,,

Gangeyyo said...

nice comment bro.. you've honed your commentin skills i see.. but even I'm waitin for the comeback common room post.. wordplay 3 in the making??..
keep commenting..

Aanchal said...

"A+A"??? ROTFL man........i just cant stop was a collective endeavor of the entire class where everyone had at least a small role 2 play.........pranshu's movie(subhash ghai) finally had a happy ending........

Gangeyyo said...

he he.. though one of the major contributor's has not received his treat yet... even though it was promised..
do sumthing bout it!!...