Friday, June 19, 2009

The Kite Runner

“For you, a thousand times over!!..”

recipe of certain expressions does certainly craft enchantment.. They glue to your sanity like they belong there.. You get instilled by the thoughts, the author wants you to.. Paralyzed by the over-flowing feelings.

Written by Khaled Hosseini, rather woven by him, this book encircles around a boy- Amir.. His growing up and the swaying proceedings around him that finally translates him into a man.

Afghanistan, as never imagined.. Love, odium, clashes, battles.. the rambling yarn has it all to court the readers, yet they seem so natural, so genuine.. Connected events of Amir’s life and his attainment of the goal, leave the reader attached to him in some way or the other.

How often we face a situation that leaves us thinking are we good enough??. We know we are noble and we are not-wrong, but the circumstances test us and we fail.. We don’t come up with the right itinerary of actions that should have been taken at that instant. It challenges our moral and derides our ethics. That changes us.

As the story unfolds, we get simple yet powerful lines like..

“There’s a way to be good again.”,

ending with an open note..

I ran. A grown man running with a swarm of screaming children. But I didn’t care. I ran with the wind blowing in my face, and a smile as wide as the Valley of Panjsher on my lips.

I ran.”

Of all the books I’ve read till now, If I can label any book as a “must read”, then it will be The Kite Runner. Read it to know why!!..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dhoni can't Bat Salla... obvious!!..

...SUITS HIM!!.. ISN'T IT??..

The word is out on the streets now.. well observed.. established...

If Pappu can’t dance…

If Himesh can’t sing…

If Orangutans can’t fly..

And if Saitans can’t swim…

Dhoni cannot Bat…

and m sure whoever watched the T20 yesterday between India and long(est)-time-rivals England, can't deny this..

I was always two-minded about Dhoni’s batting brilliance.. While one part believed in his stats.. (the batsman with the healthy average plays good.. matter of fact everyone!!) and another part (which watched the matches and) thought.. that how come a first-rate batsman hit the ball with full vigor on the leg side, yet the ball goes grudgingly to the off??.. well..

How can a “celebrity” batsman, a specialist captain, a mutiny in Indian willow-ers, coming out to the crease with almost half the innings left, and on stage-ing till the end, making sure his country doesn’t win the must-win match (even by fluke), remain unscathed.. so here I go Mr. Dho.. (call him star and I’ll give you glasses…)

I kept on telling myself, that he can’t be such an idiot.. he must have made some strong stratagem and must be playing with a vow to win.. but as I saw the overs passing by, and didn’t discern any change of approach in our *star* batsman’s way of handling the wood, Mr. DHO-GO jst lost one half of a not-against-dhoni cricket follower…

At the end of 17th over, I saw the opponent captain wearing a more tense look than our no-emo-for-the-promo captain… Collinwood, knew he was on the verge of wining, still made sure everything was perfect.. but our doodh-oni was as cool as cucumber… He was sure we were going to loose.. “so why take pain??”.. All I had for him were slang s!.. I was literally uttering them in a high voice.. With every planned-looking single he took, I couldn’t control my urge to hate him.. and slangs were coming out for gratis..

Well.. the way he’s always been.. “all show no skill”.. at the end he registered a good-looking crush of only 3 runs.. but had Yusuf Pathan been out(was almost slayed by a run-out.. dhoni again), it could easily have been 30… hitting his 3rd boundary off the last delivery(-the only boundary he hit.. rest were knicks!!..) the captain walked out off Lord’s.. the same ground where India once lifted the World Cup in spite of being overly under-rated… the World Champions of T20 were literally punted out of the tournament which they(along with the whole country) believed belonged to them.. as said.. //there is a lot to cry for at the end, when the end is gloomy//… I was over-flowing with rage.. all of which cannot be described..

I turned the pages of the newspaper the next day, and saw..

MS DHONI--30 runs off 20 balls..

and I didn’t bother to read the rest.. didn’t bother to read his clarification that it’s a game, winning and loosing bear equal probabilities blahh blHHH..

And as the day progressed I learned I was not alone.. some effigies were burnt too..(not that I feel overjoyed about it).. but we all have our way to show anger.. And as the rage didn’t get any milder in 24 hours, I decided to post this..

Hope he reads this!!.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Click Here To Continue Anyways...

ahh.. finally connected!!.. two months exile from the blogger's spot.. two months without the continuous exposition to the blah blah-ing world.. it felt so empty.. Well.. i finally persuaded my mother to get my mother-board fixed and here am I..
mm.. where shall i start ?.. 6th sem has gone by.. I'm finally in the final year.. Seniors have left.. The days before the exams in the hostel were indeed very specially happening.. I'm so happy for two new chirping lovebirds on the block.. (how could i ignore? whn one of them nests in the next room!!.. A+A.. he he.. ;))
I lost my darling mobile phone in mysterious circumstances.. it felt so odd when people asked,"Kaise khoya??".. and i had no answers.. for i didn't know myself how i lost it.. then came the papers.. ohh!!.. Advanced Design of RCC was the first of the fists!!.. i wud refrain from describing it.. was that supposed to be a quetion-paper for under-gradu-'ate's??.. (it ate us well no doubt).. then there were battles between the worth of studying "sewage engineering" and the same-boring-repeating inductors and capacitors with my electroniac friends.. i had a strong ground.. as the others were studying about the same thing for over 2 years.. no variation.. no changing paths.. but here we(civil-ites) were designing western and indian POTS for 'healthy' sewering.. ha ha.. the last exam on 21st marked the beginning..(in super senses) heeh..
The temperature of Delhi is reaching new mercuric heights.. having to deal with an on-site construction in these super-standard conditions, is what I'm getting trained on .. well the office work seemed very funny in the first week.. there are some people who i guess have been hired jst to sit there.. I saw one of them  finding all the pleasure in the world in jst refreshing his desktop again and again.. like around 15 times.. When he was satisfied with his ultra-refreshed desktop and saw me looking at him(was i smiling??.), he opened the 'my computer' and closed it and repeated the cycle.. Oh boy!!.. that man really had a huge role to play for his company..

I'm reading "The Kite Runner" these days and wish it never finishes.. so have further reduced my slow reading speed.. And Green Day's 21st century breakdown is on download.. 21 Guns is a very good track indeed..
well.. will soon blahh some-thing about sum-thing beacuse i want to be some-thin..

PS.. @swayam.. i searched for the advaita downloads a lot.. didn't even get a single track.. help me out!!..

TIP OF the EVENING by baba AAM-SEV::- if you want to bring about a change in your way of living, go and change your guitar strings.. and if you don't have a guitar, change your Agarbatti!!.. keep the spirit alive.. :) khao mango..jiyo apple..
god bless..!!