Monday, December 15, 2008

Let's play a game..!!.. anyone game for a Game??..

The days of super-duper-nothings are fleeting so very fast.. What m I doing??.. It’s already been 15 days into the holidays.. half the month gone??.. 

“The five o’clock shadow over my face, makes me feel, that I’m having one over an eight..”..

whoa.. what was that??..

the drivers of my building are playing cricket..

cricket??.. at 9:15PM, they are playing cricket??..

ohh ya, today India beat England..

they must be celebrating the much unlikely victory..

but why are they making such a noise.. shall I go out to join them??. Or Shall I tell the guard to bash ‘em up?..


leave them yaa.. lucky drivers.. they are the only ones in the ononion-colony who are having fun..

 my fellow engineering friends are having exams..(why don’t all these colleges have a common exam??.. like the same old entrances??..)..

the DU ones always look busy..

and I don’t get any fun playing with school kids..

once I did..

but it was like Andrew Flintoff playing against Robin Singh..

Only play.. no talks.. never talk..

I guess it’s my inability afterall..

Perhaps, I now belong to the exclusive category of word-f***ers of CVR hostel..

(the ones who are delving into research papers these days.. their own way of having fun.. he he..)..

how can school kids contest that echelon??..

how can I even expect??..


Don’t go out..

Pre-eminent preference..   


In my pursuit of finding out innovative ideas to slaughter time(sittin at home), I came crossways to this scheme while remarking on one of my friend’s blog.. here is it..



  U must have seen some letters which ‘they’ always ask you to enter before your comment is posted.. You’ll know, if you have ever commented on a post.. and if u aren’t blind( I came to know that yahoo came up with this proposal of letter verification for the first time..).. so the task for you is..

Type those letters and rearrange them to form a meaningful word.. if u cant, then it will be a challenge for others to soothe it.. lets see how it goes.. if we mount up many words, we can even join them to form a sentence..

Who knows, perhaps you can decode some precious secured piece information.. haah..

Hope everyone lives up to my expectation.. and play it judicially.. (nd hope m not the only commenter)..


PS: khanna.. your post was really nice… m reading it for the third time.. ppl who reach here, are advised to read “common room” as well. You can get the link from the comment “ritesh khanna” posts..


Ritesh Khanna said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gangeyyo said...

hmm.. I'll get worse.. dunn u worry my pal.. he he..
u better make sure that u use the free publicity to the fullest and people don't start vowing never to return there.. so decorate urs too.. he he...
nice strategy naa?..
nd even i hope someone accompanies me.. i thought u will..

Gangeyyo said...

and yess.. i did celebrate the victory.. at our very own mech canteen.. lovish got the favour..

Ritesh Khanna said...

I guess ur profile hitz n commentz not gonna decrease with omittin of an insane blogger...u have got such a fan followin dude...But..if...u..wrote...a... bit...better..hehe

Swayam said...

woah i have fun playing with the colony kids.."maram pitti" and sometimes football..wherein i am usually made the goal keeper... and the kids make it sure that the ball never reaches the goal, and it was fun bursting crackers with them during diwali, i was told the chronological order of the pyrotectonics of various crackers, needless to say i ended up burning just the phuljadi...
hmmm Hols driving everybody crazy...
btw sorry cant make any word out of the word thats bee given... its "neeness".. u try making one..:P
unles u want to give neologism a chance

pri said...

he he.. vry good..
it's "funizat".. here..
can i add some letters, to make the sense.??..
if yes.. i can say. it's..
funny izzat..
rest.. u make the rules..

lili11 said...

Hey... nice posts! I'll b back sometime later...

Gangeyyo said...

aahhh.. finally some wise commentators..
@swayam.. nice to know that u keep the goal.. in my school-time football days, they used to say, "the team with a goo goalkee is most likely to win."..
well regardin the game,
neeness... can be adjusted..
let's say we add 'k' and make that .. knee-ness..
or.. keen ness..
keenness will be better..

Gangeyyo said...

@pri.. gr88 going..
funny izzat sounds good..
so we hvve..

keenness nd funny izzat..
lets see whr it goes..
comment guys common..

Gangeyyo said...

thnk you..

rainmaker said...

dude... have fun in these holidays. perhaps the last one you will get..
this game isn't funny. the idea was ws the post.

Anonymous said...

nice read