Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Eating is one of my most loved pass-times.. I eat merely to keep food out of my mind.. I get amused by seeing mothers running after their food-phobic kids, holding the baton of glass-full of milk.. and their nasty kids finding all the joy in the world to see the PT Usha in their mothers.. Perhaps because with me, the case has always been different or opposite.. My mom, never ever had to plead me to get something inside my mouth… I was born-efficient (at least in the ingestion department)… Cockroaches.. Wall lizard shits.. matchsticks.. candles.. merely everything I could see,(and hold) was eatable by my standards... I loved diversity, and I suffered a great deal for this habit of mine..

Being bought up in a traditional Bengali family (that too a “bangal”) I have always believed in the “life-in-the-lap-of-the-cook.. not god” phenomenon.. my taste buds have been efficiently looked after by the fantastic cook in my mother.. I appreciate food and I love eating(both quality and quantity)… back there in Bengal, whenever there used to be a marriage ceremony, people used to challenge each other on the amount they can fill.. chicken, rasogolla, luchi, were some of the easily edible items.. (my record??.. 17 rasogollas.. no wonder the Bengalis are the worst sufferers of all gastric ailments).. I have seen people gulp 47 pieces of rasogolla.. just to win a challenge.. (later the guy had to be hospitalized).. anyways.. life without good food is guitar without the 3rd string..

So folks.. here goes one of the recipes for all you rookie cooks.. I invented this thing 2 years ago and as my work has been appreciated by many across the (.. umm..mmmm.. ) family, I feel proud to share this..

take some freshly cut, colorful, good looking vegetables like carrot, onion, capsicum, beans, peas, cauliflower etcetera(avoid smelly ones like radish) .. half- fry them in mild flame.. then take them out and half-fry fresh neatly(and regularly) cut paneer.. now mix the half-fried vegetables and half-fry paneer..( hence making the combination full-fried.. ha!)..
now add suitable amount of salt.. and no other spices.. after agitating the mixture for 2 more minutes, pour enough milk.. add a little bit of sugar.. then leave the cooker closed for 10-15 minutes on medium flame..

after opening the lid, you can allow your nostrils to smell the wonderful aroma of whatever you’ve done till now… pat your own shoulders or ask someone else to do it.. transfer the mass onto a white colored bowel, and put a piece of butter over it and watch it melt down.. oh yeah!!..
you can even add coriander leaves to decorate the preparation..
believe me..
if you want to kill time, and you have a knack of trying new things, the kitchen provides a perfect base to your researches.. where you can per-mutate and combine-eat a world of things(edible) to produce something of your own.. something out of the ordinary..
you’ll get a high..

PS: I still don't believe that m actually posting a recipe.. ohh... no wonder m trying sooo hard to take my blog to every possible avenues..
and yess.. do suggest a suitable, colorful and tasty title for the dish..


Ritesh Khanna said...

realy felt like reading a page of recipe book in 2nd half of ur post..
for the first half...m in dilemma whether to call you lucky or unlucky guy..

Swayam said...

what was that?? I mean vegetables with milk and sugar... gross... god save the world from such "non-serendipitious" gastronomic discoveries...

Gangeyyo said...

try the in-comestible once and you'll lick ur fingers off..

Gangeyyo said...

try it yaar.. not that bad..

pri said...

wow.. u r a cook??..
i shudn't be called "malai paneer".. as a dish with that name already exists.. try for "paneer paalki"..

Aanchal said...

im sure it would at least be aesthetically pleasing......with all the colourful veggies flanked around by white milk.......and u added sugar coz u r a bong(i would add chaat masala).........u cud turn up on some foodies show.....where they sample every dish and say its yum coz it looks good......doesnt matter how it tastes......

and did u really have "wall-lizard's shit"?? now that's gross......

WAR10CK said...

i guess am much safer with y half ooked maggi itself... lol

:) nycase thanx the recipe! (although am never gonna try it for the reason stated above!)

Gangeyyo said...

yess.. m a cook.. alternate career options u see..
ok.. paneer palki taken...
lets see wht others say..
PS:.. why paalki??.. there's no spinach involved..
or is it the paalki to carry people?..

Gangeyyo said...

@aanchal.. try it first then comment on the taste.. u r hurting my creation by calling it only aesthetically pleasing.. haah...
and i don't mind sajeev kumaring around.. if only i get a chance..

Gangeyyo said...

nevamind pal.. not everyone did what schrodinger did.. create..
he he..