Monday, December 22, 2008

Survey Camp 2008-09--- The Curtain Raiser

Long ago, in the shadows of time, it was felt that the study of civil engineering was incomplete if the students were devoid of Mountains.. yes.. the mighty mountains.. People realized that it is must to practice civil engineering at a site, posed with maximum threats.. at a site, where the construction is most challenging.. at a site, where an engineer has to count on the limited available options and exercise them fully to serve the purpose.. the real-time engineering..
well then.. answering to this very cause, like every year, Delhi College of Engineering has organized the Survey Camp for it's third year batch of Civil Engineering, from 26th December 2008 to 4th January 2009.. some of the important information about the tour are as follows...
  1. The venue of the Survey Camp has been fixed at Swami Ram Tirth ashram, Rajpur, Dehradun.
  2. The buses(two nos.) for Dehradun will leave the college at 9:30PM on 26th December,2008.
  3. Students must report in the Department of Civil Engineering, DCE, by 7:00PM on 26th December 2008.
  4. Dinner for students on 26th December, must be arranged by the students themselves, and not by the management.
  5. Students will be provided separate rooms where 3-4 students can accommodate.
  6. The bedding will be provided by the management. But the students are advised to carry their own Bed Sheets and Shawls.
  7. The aim of the Surveying project to be completed during the camp is, "To draw a topographic map of the given area".
The following is the day-wise schedule(*subject to change):

27th Dec,2008: Reaching ashram and accomodation. Site inspection.
28th Dec,2008: Surveying Work, Day-I.
29th Dec,2008: Educational tour to Chibro Hydroelectric project, Ichari.
30th Dec,2008: Educational tour to Tehri Hydroelectric Project.
31st Dec, 2008: Visit to Mussoorie and Dhanaulti.
1st Jan, 2009 : Surveying Work, Day-II.
2nd Jan,2009 : Surveying Work, Day-III.
3rd Jan,2009 : Surveying Work, Day-IV and Camp Fire in the night.
4th Jan, 2009 : Educational visit to IIT-Roorkee and return to DCE.

***The buses for the educational tour will leave from the ashram in the morning, and will return to the ashram in the same night.

***Students must report in the ashram, within a fixed time every night, else stern actions will be taken against him/her.

***Regular attendance will be recorded and anyone found absent will be seriously dealt with.

***If anyone involves in any kind of nuisance within the ashram, he/she will be sent back.

***Students will be divided into 9 groups and each group will be headed by a group leader. The group leader will be answerable to the coordinators about all their group activities.

***Work will be divided amongst the groups and a check will be kept by the coordinator.

***The marking will not be done solely on the basis of the Surveying work, but also on the basis of the involvement of the students in their respective group activity.

*** Cigarette and alcohol consumption during the tour will be dealt very sternly. Students are advised to stay away, as this may lead to severe damages to the marks they obtain in the 2-credit subject.

***We shall always remember that... this is not an outing, or just another fun-filled tour with our friends. We will carry the reputation of the college on our shoulders and we will be representing the shine that Delhi College of Engineering has earned over the years. So realization of this very fact will help us to behave in the correct manner. Special arrangements will be provided for the fun but fun should not never be mixed with chaos and mayhem.

***Wishing you all the very best and hoping that the tour succeeds to become a memorable hearty experience, this is Gangeyyo signing off...


Monday, December 15, 2008

Let's play a game..!!.. anyone game for a Game??..

The days of super-duper-nothings are fleeting so very fast.. What m I doing??.. It’s already been 15 days into the holidays.. half the month gone??.. 

“The five o’clock shadow over my face, makes me feel, that I’m having one over an eight..”..

whoa.. what was that??..

the drivers of my building are playing cricket..

cricket??.. at 9:15PM, they are playing cricket??..

ohh ya, today India beat England..

they must be celebrating the much unlikely victory..

but why are they making such a noise.. shall I go out to join them??. Or Shall I tell the guard to bash ‘em up?..


leave them yaa.. lucky drivers.. they are the only ones in the ononion-colony who are having fun..

 my fellow engineering friends are having exams..(why don’t all these colleges have a common exam??.. like the same old entrances??..)..

the DU ones always look busy..

and I don’t get any fun playing with school kids..

once I did..

but it was like Andrew Flintoff playing against Robin Singh..

Only play.. no talks.. never talk..

I guess it’s my inability afterall..

Perhaps, I now belong to the exclusive category of word-f***ers of CVR hostel..

(the ones who are delving into research papers these days.. their own way of having fun.. he he..)..

how can school kids contest that echelon??..

how can I even expect??..


Don’t go out..

Pre-eminent preference..   


In my pursuit of finding out innovative ideas to slaughter time(sittin at home), I came crossways to this scheme while remarking on one of my friend’s blog.. here is it..



  U must have seen some letters which ‘they’ always ask you to enter before your comment is posted.. You’ll know, if you have ever commented on a post.. and if u aren’t blind( I came to know that yahoo came up with this proposal of letter verification for the first time..).. so the task for you is..

Type those letters and rearrange them to form a meaningful word.. if u cant, then it will be a challenge for others to soothe it.. lets see how it goes.. if we mount up many words, we can even join them to form a sentence..

Who knows, perhaps you can decode some precious secured piece information.. haah..

Hope everyone lives up to my expectation.. and play it judicially.. (nd hope m not the only commenter)..


PS: khanna.. your post was really nice… m reading it for the third time.. ppl who reach here, are advised to read “common room” as well. You can get the link from the comment “ritesh khanna” posts..

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Eating is one of my most loved pass-times.. I eat merely to keep food out of my mind.. I get amused by seeing mothers running after their food-phobic kids, holding the baton of glass-full of milk.. and their nasty kids finding all the joy in the world to see the PT Usha in their mothers.. Perhaps because with me, the case has always been different or opposite.. My mom, never ever had to plead me to get something inside my mouth… I was born-efficient (at least in the ingestion department)… Cockroaches.. Wall lizard shits.. matchsticks.. candles.. merely everything I could see,(and hold) was eatable by my standards... I loved diversity, and I suffered a great deal for this habit of mine..

Being bought up in a traditional Bengali family (that too a “bangal”) I have always believed in the “life-in-the-lap-of-the-cook.. not god” phenomenon.. my taste buds have been efficiently looked after by the fantastic cook in my mother.. I appreciate food and I love eating(both quality and quantity)… back there in Bengal, whenever there used to be a marriage ceremony, people used to challenge each other on the amount they can fill.. chicken, rasogolla, luchi, were some of the easily edible items.. (my record??.. 17 rasogollas.. no wonder the Bengalis are the worst sufferers of all gastric ailments).. I have seen people gulp 47 pieces of rasogolla.. just to win a challenge.. (later the guy had to be hospitalized).. anyways.. life without good food is guitar without the 3rd string..

So folks.. here goes one of the recipes for all you rookie cooks.. I invented this thing 2 years ago and as my work has been appreciated by many across the (.. umm..mmmm.. ) family, I feel proud to share this..

take some freshly cut, colorful, good looking vegetables like carrot, onion, capsicum, beans, peas, cauliflower etcetera(avoid smelly ones like radish) .. half- fry them in mild flame.. then take them out and half-fry fresh neatly(and regularly) cut paneer.. now mix the half-fried vegetables and half-fry paneer..( hence making the combination full-fried.. ha!)..
now add suitable amount of salt.. and no other spices.. after agitating the mixture for 2 more minutes, pour enough milk.. add a little bit of sugar.. then leave the cooker closed for 10-15 minutes on medium flame..

after opening the lid, you can allow your nostrils to smell the wonderful aroma of whatever you’ve done till now… pat your own shoulders or ask someone else to do it.. transfer the mass onto a white colored bowel, and put a piece of butter over it and watch it melt down.. oh yeah!!..
you can even add coriander leaves to decorate the preparation..
believe me..
if you want to kill time, and you have a knack of trying new things, the kitchen provides a perfect base to your researches.. where you can per-mutate and combine-eat a world of things(edible) to produce something of your own.. something out of the ordinary..
you’ll get a high..

PS: I still don't believe that m actually posting a recipe.. ohh... no wonder m trying sooo hard to take my blog to every possible avenues..
and yess.. do suggest a suitable, colorful and tasty title for the dish..

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

.. The Cat and the Chinti(hindi)...

Of lately, I’ve urbanized this peculiar knack of running after alienated English lexis… words that are infrequently worn in the tongue.. words that abide by no important meaning.. “I think it’s hereditary my son!!..” my father replied after I unveiled this bizarre yearn to him.. was he laughing??.. was he serious??.. whateva..

somewhat right... as an prying kid, I was often bemused at my father’s routine to enlist new English words.. I thought this was done to publish the “Sudhir’s Pocket Dictionary” which could hit the market anytime.. but that never ensued.. In class XIth, my father passed on that legacy.. that chronicle of words to me.. but within a few days of the dutiful ritual of “a-word-a-day”, I gave up.. Perhaps my wits preferred gambling into works by Mr. Issac Newton more than that of my own father.. But a few days back, my proclivity towards this new-words obsession, rewarded me with the following cited snippet.. which I found, was brilliant.. so thought of sharing this with my lingo-savvy fry-ends… m sure you’ll like this if you haven’t come across this earlier…

“I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications incomprehensibleness.”

I will be happy if you figure out the avalanche behind this sentence yourself..