Sunday, November 23, 2008

So Ordinary...

No.. I couldn't let this happen.. A month's exile from the blogger ville??.. No words to put up??. Nothing to write??.. How can this happen??.. the updates of my favorite blogs were ringing like door bells.. propelling random thoughts.. sequentializing special events. but how can anyone write when he is left at the mercy of Jiyoh-Technical Engineering?.. or the anal-threatening "Anal-ysis of Structures"??.. enough of the same old cry..

Every time I put together some rhyming words and connect them in a meaningful way, and end it with a proud signature followed by the date..and imagine like 200 years from now teachers in higher secondary schools will elaborate the thoughts behind the thoughtful poem to horrified students who'll find it so hard to judge the real meaning, I feel as elated as Yeats must have been after reciting his own love-poem to the person for which it was written.. like this is the best poem ever written on a piece of leaf.. I called people up to grant them the honour of being the first listener.. and when my ears got no negative airs, i thought to put this one up.. silly strategy..
hope u have enough patience to reach the end..
(M sure the Khannas and the Shekhars won't... ).
so here it goes..
so add some feel, you can gently pluck E-minor.. followed by D-major.. and repeat them..


Dreams flying high... may they live forever
If I've done something good.. It's better late than never...
If I do a mistake.. I'll have no strains to say Sorry..
I just want to be.. So Ordinary..

Laughing out loud.. just to make you feel good..
Sharing your tears.. If only I could..
I understand thorns come up & life's not so flowery..
I just want to be.. So ordinary..

Just a little smile.. It won't cost me a thing..
But it should be even costlier than a big Diamond ring..
Being nice to people.. a warm hand shake..
And I'll always learn from my past mistakes..
Life will be so Good.. Life will be so Merry..
I just want to be so ordinary..

applauseeeee.. he he..

i'll be back..
I'll be front..