Sunday, October 19, 2008

If courage is 10, the art to escape is 9.. or 9.5..

Earlier I used to feel very bad when people overlooked to wish me on my birthday.. It felt as if I am no more than an amoeba to them.. I remember, I used to call people up the very next day, and throw them some cruel words.. so that they don’t forget to wish me the next year.. (starving for attention you see.. as I always am).. but things change… as they always do..

Date: 15th October
Time: 7:47 PM

On my way back from the Madhurima room, I was wondering life would have been so good if today was 17th Oct.. or if all of them forget my birthday.. or if I’m not going back to the hostel.. the gist of ship smoke on the horizon was changing colors with the beats of the thumping guitar on my back.. just then,
“Gangu beta… only four hours to go...!!”
It was Medhavin… Medhavin??.. Even Medhavin plans to kick??.. Gloomier…
“Somebody’s gotta get hurt real bad...” confirmed Sharad Sir.. hard to tell whether it was sympathy or a jest..
Well.. whatever that was.. this gave an ignition to THE PLAN…

Time: 8:00 PM

The unusually empty(..of 2K6/CE) hostel corridors seemed very appropriate.. Where will they search??.. Where won’t they??.. How far can I go??.. How far can they trace??.. I found out all the possible answers using my past mistakes and my knowledge of mate-psychology.. (Read: Ritesh Khanna).. It was working..

Time: 8:30 PM

I locked my room from outside.. Nowhere to be seen for next 12 hours.. he ha ha ha..
No less than an escape from the Alcataraz..

Well.. when you make a plan, and incase it thrives to serve the purpose, there’s no harm in revealing it.. Even if it’s a super-secretive effort.. People after you should get the benefit of your findings..
Thanks to the low-height hostel balconies, it’s always easy to move from one room to another.. I jumped into arup’s room and then into mine after making sure no one was passing through the corridor to watch my maneuvers… So here I was.. inside my room, which was locked from the exterior with no-one in the planet having the awareness of it’s inner presence… The next three hours I surrendered my time to his Excellency Mr. Howard Roark… During this time the mobile was silent.. I didn’t pick up any call (to prevent sound).. I messaged people bout my ill health and my running away to home... They believed my words after a thorough enquiry from abuhasam..
The clock struck twelve.. I started answering the calls.. I had to measure my words if someone from the hostel called up to wish.. Outsiders were given a chance to appreciate my super-plan..(which I named “Escapade”.).
At about 2 o’clock, after answering my well wishes (thnx to the harsh words thrown last year).. I emptied my second water bottle.. It felt nice… Nice to escape kicks from 40 odd people for about 40 even minutes.. (last years record).. Nice to save my tired muscles from the semi-merciless shots… and nice to talk to so many good old friends over the phone in such a short time.. as I switched off the light, there was a silent pat on the back,
“Happy Birthday Gangeyyo..!!..”

Friday, October 03, 2008

She's Here..!!

Human beings chameleon-ize themselves better than any other creatures around… adjustment is like in our blood along with RBCs and WBCs…
Back in Kolkata, the month of October was the most coveted month… I used to linger for these days the whole year.. wandering in the jam-packed lanes, elucidated with arty light works with my brothers and sisters, stopping at every fast-food joint to have another round of “Fuchkas”(that’s what we call paanipuri).. appreciating the bravura of Pandals and the flamboyant Pratimas(idols) and whatnot, the hours passed unseen.. flouting the challenges posed by the drawn out holiday homework, I used to get imbued.
in the entire holy atmosphere..
The times have changed.. I’ve been planted to such a place where it’s not only difficult to find a Puja Pandal but even thorny to sense the ambiance.. But still.. The advent of Durga Puja takes me to a higher state.. I still feel the ting in my nerves when I think of it.. Perhaps that’s the reason why m able to stay happy even after knowing that I’ll have to attend regular classes.. perhaps I’ve attuned myself.. Perhaps not..
Well.. as this is going nowhere.. Lemme end this with the purpose of starting it..