Saturday, September 20, 2008


Facing exams was never this easy..(only if I think of it now..).. Gone are those drill days, when citizens around used to worry bout the syllabus one-month before the exam.. and now??.. Somebody roused me up even at 6:30 in the cock-crow to inquire the syllabus of the exam we had that day.. well.. these changes haven’t been much hazardous though.. but my facade one week before exposed stress.. downright stress.. well, let’s come to the phenomenon now..

About 2-3 weeks before, when Proff Trivedi and we were sailing through the anxieties of an ill-fated retaining wall, (ya ya.. I was listening.. ) somewhere, he goaded a glint of curiosity.. I decided to go through the chapter myself.. So after our post-dinner-promenade, I decided to unlock the holy book and devote one prized hour.. Quiet calculatedly I fixed the show timing of “If-Only” at 10.. so that I could stay free in that one hour.. Hard-hitting ardor u see.. well..
quiet blatantly I accept, that often I question myself.. “am I worthy enough to study in DCE??.. if yess,, then for what god-damn reason, is this meager item snubbing to affect my brain cells??”.. That day was no exception.. at the end of the taxing session, I was only able to engulf the name of the person who designed the killer-idea.. Mr. Rankine..( and they say I, I have a strange name??..huh??..).. well the time was partly spent on imagining Jennifer Love Hewitt,, on the pathetic “bhej” they served that night.. on DT.. and whatnot.. I closed the book and decided to un-dam the ocean of doubts to the Proff the next day…( I didn’t do that..) Now, the dark before the appalling Geotechnical Exam, I was just circumventing the summit with Mr. Rankine once again… But to my utter astonishment, it got into my grey matter very unknowingly.. that too in the first reading.. It’s then that I realized the significance of the bamboo.. ( “the driving force” in good terms).. Had my blog been visited only by boys, I would have loved to describe the term more in details but I beg to stay brief...

and yes.. this partly explains the reason my blog went through an “agricultural” drought in the recent times though some parts of the country were getting flooded.. our hostels were playing upsetting games.. if there’s electricity, then there is no water… if there is water, there is no light.. if both are preset, there’s this bone-irritating noise of the.. (dunno what they call it..) floor plainer I mussay.. they just go on and on like busy-bees posing continual threats to the power of concentration.. Though the rains seemed convivial, but they acted more like Alzolam tablets.. inviting sleep.. which meant failure..
but I know.. this coming week.. I’m gonna miss this involvement,, and this pressure-cooker atmosphere.. I’ll miss the bamboo.. (End Sems are not very far away though.. oh how much I hate these ODD Sems..)..
and yess!!…Mr. Rankine didn’t feature in the question paper…