Friday, August 15, 2008


Lemme tell you guys..(i) I don't share the common amnesty for English movies (didn't like The Dark Knight much)..(ii) Unlike some of my pals around, i love to criticize english movies more than the Desi stuff..(remember patriotism..??)..(iii) i don' get enamored by (generally stupid sounding) reviews of foreign films.. (iv)and never did i fancy a chance to write about any movie because of a simple reason.. there are just too many of them.. untill yesterday, when I laid my eyes upon this masterpiece...

well.. if you do some research, ONCE will be earmarked as a romantic musical drama.. but the movie crosses every definition of genres... at first you may raise doubts that whether it's a movie at all or just a handy-cam equipped director, shooting steet people from a range.. busy streets of Dublin have been acutely potrayed with background songs of a busker.. Glen Hansard plays the role of that busker.. there have been many movies in the past in which the actor lends his voice for some songs of the movie..(appun bola tu meri laila..). but here, the singer himself plays the role.. without revealing much about the storyline, all I can say is that this movie is "one-of-it's-kind" types.. the week-long story explores a person's hope, passion, compassion, emotions, romance and above all the love for MUSIC.. and yess.. there are full chances of a perspective clash.. some of them who joined me for this (a mere 85 minute runtime) movie quitted mid-way.. but the only term that comes to my mind to define them is "unfortunate"..
so.. clean up your minds and do watch this slow masterpiece.. I will be glad if i can convince even one of you..

and after watchig it.. if you do some researches..(only for vellas like moi).. you can find lines like::

"Bob Dylan was such a big fan of the film that he arranged to have the two leads, Glen Hansard and Marketa open for him on part of his world tour. Hansard and Irglová also covered Dylan's song "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" for the I'm not there..."
happy viewing..
this film went on to win the OSCAR.. watch this..::


priyanka said...

i found it boring.. call me an unfortunate.. but kya kar sakte hain...

Gangeyyo said...

no i won't.. i mentioned the probable perspective clash thing.. so thats the case with u..