Sunday, August 03, 2008

Not another East side story...

The day before yesterday when i was standing by my open window, feeling the fresh raindrops on my cheeks and examining the algorithm of 'water logging' in New Delhi roads, suddenly my eyes fell upon the bus 165, which was unloading it's passengers... it's the bus which connects our anand vihar bus adda to Delhi College of Engineering.. though i avoid the bus journey(thnx to DMRC) but still it reminds me of college every time..and soon I realized my vacations were about to end.. I started recollecting the happenings of these not-so happening months..
The trip to Kolkata to attend Babinda's marriage gave my holidays a kickstart.. Seeing my brother (whome I've known since childhood) tying the knot with a lovely lady, pumped up the balloon of excitement in me... the entire shining ceremony of a typical Bengali marriage never fails to shape the polenta of astonishment.. that's when you start perceiving that the turn to get YOUR lovely lady isn't too far away..(yess.. i can never suppress my yen to get married!!.. i was in class three when i publicly announced the fact for the first time..)
Returning back.. I enrolled myself with Parsvnath Developers and worked on a glitterati titled project.. Mr. Mukesh, the project engineer under whose control i surrendered my (2 years) experienced civil engineering brain taught me some important on and off-field concepts of civil engineering and asked to love the branch GOD has chosen for me.. Though his words sounded philosophically buttering, but somewhere deep down the wise man was speaking logic..The 21 long days training came to an end in just a blink of an eye.. and for the first time I saw the working place of a civil engineer..
The next chapter was filled by my colonial cousins-- Sailesh, Ankur and Vedant.. Three of us used to land up at ankur's place to strum our guitars.. Though they termed it as their "guitar training" but i preferred calling it 'jamming'.. they unleashed the teacher within me and started taking lessons.. It became a nice unwinding process after a day-long-stay under the Sun and i gladly offered all my six-stringed knowledge to them.. they were quiet satisfied i guess..*though i didn't get any testimony.. :)
How could i forget the best thing that happened to me in this tenure... Thats BLOGGING.. I appreciate Animesh( his was the first blog i read) and Medhavin( 2nd,3rd,4th,,,,,) for bringing me to .blogspot.. Being a talkative boy.. I was blessed with the inability to write less.. Once my teacher commented "Thoughtful" on one of my articles and awarded me 6.5/10.. So I wasn't sure whether it was an accolade or a criticism.. But this so-called thoughtful writer got a nice place to garage his feelings nd perhaps for the first time someone outside his teacher-circle commented... it felt so nice to let the world know how he feels..
The rear parts of the vacation was spent either watching movies or planning reunion party with school friends..
Strange.. Strange as this seems to me.. just a week or two back i was dying to get back to the college.. dying to live in the hostels.. longing to be free once again... but as my stay at home is coming to an end, I'm not that avid anymore.. Those care-free snoozes till 10 in the morning.. The lovely morning tea served with my Mom's affection.. Dad's motivational discourses to rescue me from my regularly irregular studies.. the deliciously cooked meals.. the late night leg pullings of my online frnds.. I'm gonna miss all these there.. staying with the family has it's own benefits.. though I'll be just 2 hrs away from them but still.. and so mellifluously the babbling questions like.."whatcha doing these days??".. or "kaisi chal rhi hai training???".. changed to the likes of "so.. when are you coming??".. and.."when is the registration??..".. only as indicators of the bout-to-end vacations..
Though my body has grown two months old but the brain inside has changed a lot i guess(y not??.. m now a THIRD YEAR student.. such a heroic fact..) over these vacations.. My perspective has changed.. this shouldn't be misunderstood as boasting as I'm yet to judge the changes myself.. A tough year lies ahead and like last year,I have plans to get serious..

I got imbued by these thoughts for over an hour by my window.. The rain had stopped... The clouds had gone.. The new clear day was in the view.. such a welcoming sight..
open the gates DCE...
m coming..


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welcome to the blogosphere.... keep writing, even after college begins

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sure.. y not.. hail Wi-Fi..

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