Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Zany Turmoil..

Politics was never my cup of tea... Being outright apolitical, my mind seldom ventures into the classified avenues of this perilous game... Honeyed backstabs, unequaled coalitions, (and other such traits a political star must posses) is not my strong suit… And that is why I avoided their offer. (At least I tried to...)

When Alind, Akash, Abu, Khanna were discussing the impending CR (Class Representative) elections of our batch for this year, I didn’t even have the faintest of the ideas that they were about to recommend my name… rather the previous night I was laughing at one of my friends, when she was explaining the mayhem over the CR elections in her college… I could not figure out how people could fight over the post which generally prefers to stay unoccupied in our college… But by some divine co-incidence, I was the one whom my friends felt could race against Salonee( my contender)… So like a deferential friend, the next day I filled up the form and registered myself as the second sprinter from 3rd year civil engineering batch...

Thus began my election campaign.., (if u call it so)… Babbling remarks like,” arre yeh toh mass bunk nahi karwayega..” and “tujhse accha toh main hi bann jaaun…” started hitting my eardrum.. Some of them were indeed very happy at my decision and some were really not… I despised the fact that some were playing two roles… “There is no need to support me if you feel that I’m not apt for the job… But stop playing with words..”.. this was my reply to one of them… well the largest democracy of the World started showing true colors and I could very well sense it.. But the game was on.. I was in no mood to give up..

Salonee, my venerated colleague didn’t leave any stones unturned… I got to know that she had called people up to secure votes… On the other hand, I did nothing to convince people.. I tried hard to remain calm and behave like it was just another day… The entire week I was just myself and frankly I can say that the fear of loosing the elections didn’t bother me much… I tried to visor the tense look and I wanted people to vote by the virtue of my 2-year impression… Finally the day had arrived… It was 27th August, and there were 50 students present in the class when Kongan A.R called me up to deliver a speech “for two minutes”… this is what I remember I spoke….

“Hello class… you know me… This is supposed to be my first election campaign and I’m standing here in front of you to compete against my dear friend for the post of C.R…

All I can say is that.. m very lucky to get a batch like you.. a batch with ppl of all kinds.. From kidos like Abu to sagacious Arup Ghatak… From ppl like Ritesh Khanna (everyone laughs).. to those like Alind… It’s like a beautiful bunch of my favorite persons… and it will be my prime honor to serve you all as your representative..

Wishing her good luck, I would like to call Salonee to speak..

Thank you..”

Mannn.. I couldn’t believe that I had just spoken ill-equipped (though it took meager 40 seconds).. But I could see people listening to me (more than they listen to Hydro lectures).. I could feel their attention..

Then began the voting.. People took turns to write either ‘G’(for me) or ‘S’(for her).. Anticipation knew no bounds (and there was no salvage to the nails of my little finger..) it was then that I realized how badly I wanted to win.. a defeat by a distaff comrade seemed like a curse.. And sitting at the very last desk in those 10 minutes, I had just lived the most anxious 10 minutes of my life…

After 50 students, the proff called both of us and stated counting.. I remember the faces.. It will be like photographed in my mind for times to come… everybody was uptight.. the ambience of the room revealed thrill as the two boxers were hitting vote punches on each other… 1-0.. 1-1.. 2-1… 2-2.. lubb dupp.. lubb dupp..

The results were announced after that exhausting session…

I had won 29 votes to her 21…

Friday, August 15, 2008


Lemme tell you guys..(i) I don't share the common amnesty for English movies (didn't like The Dark Knight much)..(ii) Unlike some of my pals around, i love to criticize english movies more than the Desi stuff..(remember patriotism..??)..(iii) i don' get enamored by (generally stupid sounding) reviews of foreign films.. (iv)and never did i fancy a chance to write about any movie because of a simple reason.. there are just too many of them.. untill yesterday, when I laid my eyes upon this masterpiece...

well.. if you do some research, ONCE will be earmarked as a romantic musical drama.. but the movie crosses every definition of genres... at first you may raise doubts that whether it's a movie at all or just a handy-cam equipped director, shooting steet people from a range.. busy streets of Dublin have been acutely potrayed with background songs of a busker.. Glen Hansard plays the role of that busker.. there have been many movies in the past in which the actor lends his voice for some songs of the movie..(appun bola tu meri laila..). but here, the singer himself plays the role.. without revealing much about the storyline, all I can say is that this movie is "one-of-it's-kind" types.. the week-long story explores a person's hope, passion, compassion, emotions, romance and above all the love for MUSIC.. and yess.. there are full chances of a perspective clash.. some of them who joined me for this (a mere 85 minute runtime) movie quitted mid-way.. but the only term that comes to my mind to define them is "unfortunate"..
so.. clean up your minds and do watch this slow masterpiece.. I will be glad if i can convince even one of you..

and after watchig it.. if you do some researches..(only for vellas like moi).. you can find lines like::

"Bob Dylan was such a big fan of the film that he arranged to have the two leads, Glen Hansard and Marketa open for him on part of his world tour. Hansard and Irglová also covered Dylan's song "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" for the I'm not there..."
happy viewing..
this film went on to win the OSCAR.. watch this..::

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Not another East side story...

The day before yesterday when i was standing by my open window, feeling the fresh raindrops on my cheeks and examining the algorithm of 'water logging' in New Delhi roads, suddenly my eyes fell upon the bus 165, which was unloading it's passengers... it's the bus which connects our anand vihar bus adda to Delhi College of Engineering.. though i avoid the bus journey(thnx to DMRC) but still it reminds me of college every time..and soon I realized my vacations were about to end.. I started recollecting the happenings of these not-so happening months..
The trip to Kolkata to attend Babinda's marriage gave my holidays a kickstart.. Seeing my brother (whome I've known since childhood) tying the knot with a lovely lady, pumped up the balloon of excitement in me... the entire shining ceremony of a typical Bengali marriage never fails to shape the polenta of astonishment.. that's when you start perceiving that the turn to get YOUR lovely lady isn't too far away..(yess.. i can never suppress my yen to get married!!.. i was in class three when i publicly announced the fact for the first time..)
Returning back.. I enrolled myself with Parsvnath Developers and worked on a glitterati titled project.. Mr. Mukesh, the project engineer under whose control i surrendered my (2 years) experienced civil engineering brain taught me some important on and off-field concepts of civil engineering and asked to love the branch GOD has chosen for me.. Though his words sounded philosophically buttering, but somewhere deep down the wise man was speaking logic..The 21 long days training came to an end in just a blink of an eye.. and for the first time I saw the working place of a civil engineer..
The next chapter was filled by my colonial cousins-- Sailesh, Ankur and Vedant.. Three of us used to land up at ankur's place to strum our guitars.. Though they termed it as their "guitar training" but i preferred calling it 'jamming'.. they unleashed the teacher within me and started taking lessons.. It became a nice unwinding process after a day-long-stay under the Sun and i gladly offered all my six-stringed knowledge to them.. they were quiet satisfied i guess..*though i didn't get any testimony.. :)
How could i forget the best thing that happened to me in this tenure... Thats BLOGGING.. I appreciate Animesh( his was the first blog i read) and Medhavin( 2nd,3rd,4th,,,,,) for bringing me to .blogspot.. Being a talkative boy.. I was blessed with the inability to write less.. Once my teacher commented "Thoughtful" on one of my articles and awarded me 6.5/10.. So I wasn't sure whether it was an accolade or a criticism.. But this so-called thoughtful writer got a nice place to garage his feelings nd perhaps for the first time someone outside his teacher-circle commented... it felt so nice to let the world know how he feels..
The rear parts of the vacation was spent either watching movies or planning reunion party with school friends..
Strange.. Strange as this seems to me.. just a week or two back i was dying to get back to the college.. dying to live in the hostels.. longing to be free once again... but as my stay at home is coming to an end, I'm not that avid anymore.. Those care-free snoozes till 10 in the morning.. The lovely morning tea served with my Mom's affection.. Dad's motivational discourses to rescue me from my regularly irregular studies.. the deliciously cooked meals.. the late night leg pullings of my online frnds.. I'm gonna miss all these there.. staying with the family has it's own benefits.. though I'll be just 2 hrs away from them but still.. and so mellifluously the babbling questions like.."whatcha doing these days??".. or "kaisi chal rhi hai training???".. changed to the likes of "so.. when are you coming??".. and.."when is the registration??..".. only as indicators of the bout-to-end vacations..
Though my body has grown two months old but the brain inside has changed a lot i guess(y not??.. m now a THIRD YEAR student.. such a heroic fact..) over these vacations.. My perspective has changed.. this shouldn't be misunderstood as boasting as I'm yet to judge the changes myself.. A tough year lies ahead and like last year,I have plans to get serious..

I got imbued by these thoughts for over an hour by my window.. The rain had stopped... The clouds had gone.. The new clear day was in the view.. such a welcoming sight..
open the gates DCE...
m coming..