Friday, June 27, 2008


hey friends..
this world is a strange place to live in..
our desire to get more than what we've got has made us a master of all the species around...
so it's our goal to achieve more for the betterment of all..
so here goes this one right from my Grey matter to charge you up..(hope it does)...

..gang says,

"always remember... Even if you raise a 1000 storey building.. u can't avoid the fact that it's roof is the floor of the 1001st storey.."..

1 comment:

Ritesh Khanna said...

Very well done my 'dear' friend for presenting me in limelight.
i envy your writtin styly n those witty humorous commentz.For last paragraph m forgivin u(4 sake of the room),otherwize u can think vat followz.................
some innovative abusive slangz